Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fun with Mom G

Our plan is to visit Mom G a couple of days a week and take her out at least one evening a week. This gives her a "lark" and gives Rebecca a bit of solitude.  Unfortunately, this past week has been CRAZY busy.....but we asked and it worked well for us to kidnap Mom this afternoon and evening.

We've been trying to think of a home she could get into - stairs are difficult.....Michael and Jamin came up with the solution. They simply took a kitchen chair out, she transferred from her walker to it, and they carried her up the stairs into the house. Problem solved.

Jamin and Mom had a good time catching up on his studies at A & M, his time in Germany and his future plans.  Jamin had planned to do a bit of digging into family history when in Germany, but discovered our last name is as common in Germany as Smith is here. 😏
Mom G and Jamin 
Michael spent part of the afternoon explaining the finer points of Farkle to Mom. As I cooked dinner, I knew what the evening's entertainment would be.

Dinner's menu was suggested by Jamin - BBQ meatballs, rice and salad. I meant to pull out some buckeyes but forgot!

Sure enough, we DID play Farkle after dinner. It's an easy game for a multitude of ages to enjoy together.

Some are rather dramatic players! 
 Mom said it was time to go home. We had thought to watch a Christian comedian, but figured she knew when she had had enough for the day. Michael and I drove her back home and sat a spell with Rebecca. Rebecca had used the time to relax, put together a table and contemplate her commitment level to a kitty door.