Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Tuesday and Wednesday

I took Stacia with me Tuesday a.m. to watch Benny and Danny. Cory and Arielle had a meeting with OCS and we knew they wouldn't be home before I had to leave.  I think Stacia enjoyed the time with the boys, and school will begin for her shortly, so it was a good time for her to come with me. 

We played all kinds of ball games, read books, started watching a movie and decided it wasn't worth our time. 

Daniel danced. 

While Stacia continued to play with the boys, I drove across to Wasilla for co-op. I remembered to take a photo of more than spoilage. LOL 

Michael is the only one here at home who can actually OPEN the bags via the pull string. That was one BIG bag of popcorn...which I topped with nutritional yeast/nacho flavor. 

I had just enough time to put food away, box up some treats for CoRielle and BreZaak, before Jojo and Annie arrived. Izaak was unavailable and the older two kids have swim lessons. We got to Annie and Jojo time. We were far too busy to take photos. 

Wednesday morning was LOVELY. I love the day after co-op...all kinds of fresh fruit! 

That's it - just the one photo. Stacia had two Japanese lessons today. She had her normal lessons and met again at 5 p.m. with a young woman who is a Japanese translator for companies. She's had four years of English lessons with Kim Sensei and is willing to meet with Stacia this year for conversation practice. 

I took dad for a heart ultrasound. 

Michael and Alex took care of one of the more unpleasant homestead jobs. 

We had Dutch Babies - breakfast for dinner and then Stacia and I headed to the church. She attended youth group, and I hosted a women's ministry team meeting. We're gearing up for fall. 

After we left church, we ran by the grocer for a few items I needed to make pizzas tomorrow. 

This week promised to be busy, but we are 1/2 way through it. We've got this.