Monday, February 11, 2008

Glimpses from the Day

Nolan is ill. I usually "quarantine" ill family members. They like the solitude, and I isolate the germs. Poor Nolan. He must be an extrovert. At lunch he came out and said he wanted to do school. He lasted about 20 minutes and went back to bed where he has slept the afternoon/night away. He doesn't like being alone, and he doesn't like meds.
I snapped this right after lunch....
It sums up the day well. Nolan works on phonics, Arielle works on an informal outline, Cy works on his first ever "filed-as-an-adult" tax return, my laptop is open and checking totals for our United Co-op.

Co-op went well today. We are getting wholesale prices, and they are great.  We're getting the bugs worked out of the system. It only took 1 1/2 hours today to meet the truck, inventory, and sort into our three groups. Then another hour or so to sort into individual orders. Only one mistake, and it was mine - thank goodness.

I thought I was ordering Arthur Mac and Cheese; what I ordered was a case of THIS
Fancy, huh? Certified Organic Spagetti O's - I think. The kids have never had these - they think they look SWEET - we shall see what they think when they open the first can. ::snort::Photobucket