Sunday, November 22, 2015

Socializing on the Loop

Saturday we got to celebrate THIS little one's first birthday.  Teegan is a beautiful little girl. She was NOT overly excited about digging into her cake. ::grin:: 

She was still reluctant even after Daddy showed her it was o.k. 

We knew Ky and Amy in our active duty is fun to connect now that we're all "out" and living the life at the Fam Camp. 

They invited several from the Loop and it was a great afternoon getting to know our neighbors  a bit more. Everyone, but us, are hitting the road in January. We will stay until Michael's neurology appointment in February. 

The above photo (though unflattering) illustrates a few things I want to comment on: 
  • I have no scale with me but I've obviously put on some retirement weight. 
  • I met Betty in the laundry room our first week here. She and Joe, her husband, have been full timing for years. They have family here and come back to Beale Fam Camp each year. I've learned a lot from her in our conversations. She brought over some YUMMY tangerines from her son's tree this afternoon! I want to grow tangerines in my yard. 
  • I enjoy how the full-time RV life brings together all generations.The other couple attending were our age; retired from the Navy in June and are full-time RVing.