Monday, December 12, 2011

The Thirteenth

WoW! This little airport takes their security seriously. That's a good thing...but a bit frustrating when the airline is insisting they will take off if the 3 passengers in security aren't cleared. ::snort:: Yes, one of them WAS Krista. I had given the girls each a little antique cast iron tea pot from Japan....and Krista travels only with carry-ons....but the little round metal thing with the spout caused quite the delay. She DID make it back to OR and was picked up by grandparents. We miss you honey! We are so glad you could get the time off to come down - even if it was short! It was PERFECT! 

I have stacks of airport farewell photos and simply wasn't in the mood to take more.  

Eight Gherkins left in was COLD and drizzly - so we went to Mr. Gattis. We were pleasantly surprised that you now ORDER the pizza you want and it is FRESH - tasted much better. Josiah and I came up with a business plan that would save them....but you know how that goes. ::snort:: 

Stacia had begged for "chucker cheese" since she saw one in Eugene over a month ago. I had told her we'd try to go to Mr. Gattis in TX when we were all there and Mr Gatti's had BUMPER cars. She was ecstatic when she saw them. I think these would be a great addition to Misawa. LOL 

After lunch we went to watch the new Muppet movie. It was a nice diversion...."Are you a man or a muppet?" - Or a manly muppet or a muppet of a man? ::snort::

We rounded out the evening with dinner out at the Hardings. The Harding family was part of the GAFB parish when Michael was the Sr. Prot. chaplain here.  Steve taught the boys' youth RE class, our boys were friends....their son Michel and Jared are both Seniors this year. I didn't take any photos at dinner....but there is one of the family in the graduation post. Steve and Debbie have "adopted" our college aged sons. They've had them over for holidays and dinners, called and kept up with was pure joy to visit together again as families. Jared stayed after the rest of us came home and played games with their boys and Josiah and Jamin. He spent the night at the boys' house.  Jared enjoyed spending time with Steven and Michel. Jake, Josiah and Jamin's roommate, came home and so Jared got to reconnect with him as well. 

We're very aware we have 2 days together before Bre leaves on the 16th and the kids and I will begin our trek back to the West Coast and Asia on the 17th.  I've chosen to live these moments FULLY HERE. 

Choosing Joy!
©2011 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...