Thursday, December 23, 2010


 I purchased the very LAST bit of ginger at the Farmer's Market up the road.  I was out of Kim's candied ginger....and need to go find out how to make more. I can't remember what the Japanese say Ginger is good for - but I know they eat a lot of it in winter. Of course, I hadn't a clue what to DO with this to get it ready for the Gyudon.....until I googled.

You really can peel it with a spoon! Very fun. 

Other than we tracked down  various yard furniture, grills, glass floats and OUR SHED. We have had WILD weather last night and today. It's probably because my friend Mary and family are traveling to Tokyo. She said they always get weather when they go on a road trip.  We had WIND, rain, thunder, slush, snow...Tina says it's hormonal weather and I agree. ::snort::

Yep - our shed blew away - but is now set up in the garage and housing the spring planters and kids bikes.  We found all the parts of the grill. The wind chimes will chime no more. All floats are collected....and in the meantime our Japanese neighbor came over to talk to us again. I'll write a separate post about them.

We went on a wonderful winter walk around the neighborhood and saw a white crane.

No, we've still not finished Christmas shopping - but no stress here. We don't exchange gifts until New Years. ::snort::

Ah, the kids need my laptop to watch a movie that was downloaded via itunes. I'm off.

Choosing Joy!
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