Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Whacky Wednesday

It turned out to be an odd day.

Michael's physical therapist forgot her i.d.  We showed up at 0830 and she was late. She had another gal "stretch" Michael.!  I've never watched such a thing. She had him twisted in the oddest ways - and was pushing with all her weight against him.  Sandy showed up a half an hour late and both of them continued  - tossing ideas here and there for new exercises. They noted Michael's muscle tone is starting to slip - and that gave all increased vigor. They pushed him to the limit and in 45 minutes his balance was suffering and his tremors were manifesting. The new lady said, "That's good, that's how you want him to be at the end of a session."  It was 15 min BEFORE the end of the session - and Sandy hadn't pushed this hard before - but it was a good session.

Michael's next session was with the "speech therapist." Hillary's first question had to do with recommendations she had made  before our cruise. We had decided not to follow through - she pushed hard to make her point and we got to move a bit more out of denial and into the reality of what Michael needs to be fighting.  Eventually, she moved on to the exercises to strengthen his muscles for swallowing and speaking. ::wink::

We came back to our campground. I've decided to be a bit more careful in blogging and not share where we are parked until we leave.   All that to say, if you're local, please don't mention the campground we're at online. There was a man at our campground who attempted to assault THREE different women, throughout the day....and was apprehended and HELD until the police could show up by  our hero Campground host. We were clueless until we saw 5 police cars, guns, clothes strewn everywhere as we drove out of the campground.

We searched for a notary.

We realized we  have OPTIONS for dinner and everyone wanted Panda Express. Nolan's "fortune" cracked us up.

Gpa Paul had challenged the kids. "The next time we play Farkle, I'm going to win!" We headed over for ONE game of Farkle. Nolan won.

Back at the motor home we hung pictures - or stuck pictures to the wall. Command Velcro strips are AMAZING.

Am I the only one surprised to find this is the last day of November?