Saturday, April 09, 2022

A Spectacular Saturday

This Saturday began with Michael and Dad going to Men's Breakfast. I got dad up and ready and then had a couple of extra hours in my schedule. We are having friends over after church tomorrow and so I made a couple of desserts and worked out in the extra time I'd gained. 

When Michael and Dad got home, the girls and I left to run errands. We went to the library, Target, Michael's and Walmart. We decided Walmart was simply too busy to venture out of our van. Instead, we headed to a little coffee shop we all love and treated ourselves.     

CoRielle stopped by the house. Benny had begged for a fire earlier in the week and Arielle and Cory told him they'd stop by on Saturday.  Even GG came down to the fire ring. Unfortunately, Baachan wasn't thinking S'mores and didn't check to be sure we had all the supplies in the box. We had everything except GRAHAM we got creative. 

S'mores with an old gingerbread house instead of graham crackers....

Benny was not sure about this substitution. A bit tough to chew. 

Cory wrapped his chocolate INSIDE a marshmallow....

Arielle and Cory 

I was amazed how long Danny sat in the little chair...but then he HATES snow. He was probably happy not to have to trudge through it. 

Yes, we DID make s'mores on Ritz crackers. They weren't half bad. Certainly, better than the one made on matzos.

I ran and picked up our click it order at some point in the afternoon...and look what came in the mail! SEEDS. It has been a spectacular Saturday.  Now if the snow would melt in the garden.....