Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Woohoo! We're getting it nailed down. We finished school. That's about it. I made BBQ meatballs and rice for dinner. I left it in the crockpot and rice steamer and left for Bible Study. Bible Study was fun. We're doing one of Carole Kent's "Becoming a Woman of Influence" studies: Six Keys to Lasting Friendship. I talked with the ladies about what we'd like to do next. We have two homeschoolers, two retirees, one student, a busy mom or two, two working moms: none of us want to tackle a really in-depth study like Precept Upon Precept or Beth Moore. It isn't where this group is. After study Debbie and Sherri talked with me about doing another in this series - and I think that's a good idea. That would give us another easy 6 week study....and get us to Christmas....then we'll buckle down and study a book of the Bible in January.

Jamin and I began working through the parent taught driver's ed that TX requires. We did school. That's it.

Thanks to Cindy for motivating me to catch this first film! ::grin::
Zander tries to write his name for the very first time!

Yikes- what's this about? Too much stress already? Ah - the rascally "e" is not cooperating

The finished project

Our Egyptian Snack -

I think they like MY bread better - this was salt, water, flour - no fat, no sugar, no yeastNo wonder the mummies had no teeth!Jamin, the valiant, joined us....his verdict is that the hummus is good but the bread - well....Stacia ends the night by inviting me to come sit with her! I think she may be about ready to train...

A Rather Silly Prayer Request - I decided it was too silly to share on SHS - but for those who read my blog - well - they probably care about the silliness of me - or they wouldn't READ the blog. ::snort::

~I loaned out my new digital camera to folks I trusted.
~My camera was inadvertently left at Walmart.
~It’s gone (Yes, they have our name and number, we've checked various depts, we've called DQ as well)

Please pray for ME. My heart needs assistance. I’ve forgiven those involved. They really can’t pay for a new camera. It was an accident. Sure there are lessons there to be learned - and I'm sure they've been learned. I loved my new camera - but I can still use Michael's Nikon - which I did yesterday. Nothing I possess is worth more than people! Never has been, never will be.

Here's the thing: I’m having a tough time forgiving the person who picked up a digital camera at a drinking fountain and took it home instead of returning it to Lost and Found or the Auto desk which was 60 feet away.

I alternately find myself praying the person is so convicted that he/she returns the camera to Walmart, or that the camera is a blessing to them…but I need to forgive this person.

I’m having a hard time doing that. Which is plain silly as God has forgiven me for so much more than the price of a Cannon Power Shot…..I really don’t have a choice – do I? I need to simply forgive. The thing is I need to walk out the forgiveness and not just pray to forgive – so pray for me to settle this in my heart – not simply my mind – today!