Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon

Here's a quick recap of the rest of our second day in Misawa (ME-SAW-WAH). We left the Weasel's Den shortly after noon. Stacia was crashing and I hoped the walk home would work for the 10 minutes in the sun to reset her clock. It worked. HOWEVER, when we got back to the TLF's I decided to stay outside and play....and I really started dozing off....so I'm not sure about it. ::snort:: Seriously, it's nearly 9 p.m. here and everyone is still awake. That's a first since we left WA.

I met a new family as we entered the Weasel's Den. Turns out that we have a common friend who is now stationed in Guam. That was fun. I helped her start a blog. ::snort::

I met another lady at the Weasel's Den who homeschools and has five children. We talked a bit and introduced kids....we'd communicated via email when I was still in TX.

At the playground a mom showed up with 2 cute little girls. I went over to talk with her and it turns out that SHE is another homeschooler whom I had communicated with....she's the head of the homeschool support group here.

It was fun running into folks....and I hope that some of our run ins will become friends.

We walked around base and took photos of funny car names.

I cooked dinner. Jared and I walked to the commissary. Mike picked us up. I will get in shape with all this walking and up and down flights of stairs. ::snort::

Tomorrow I'll attend a spouse breifing and then a class to hopefully get a license to drive. I'm still freaked out RIDING on the left side of the road, but I need to drive so that we can go explore off base. LOL

More photos will have to wait...this computer is not as slick as my laptop and I don't have time to go back and forth to PB if I don't have tabbed browsing. LOL

To jog my memory here are things I need to blog about:
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