Friday, September 15, 2017

#WYFF - Matanuska Peak Trail

The sun called to us; we answered! Stacia and I simply couldn't sit inside after lunch. She was done with school for the day. I was back from a doctor appointment with Michael. We  decided to go out for a quick loop (1 mile) around the neighborhood.

We finished the loop, explored a new road,  and were still enjoying the sun.....We were at the  Matanuska Peak  Trailhead. We knew this trail is beyond our fitness level. Jamin and the boys attempted it earlier in the season and turned back because it was overgrown with brush and was eerie not to be able to see ahead - i.e. keep an eye out for bears.  AND All Trails lists it as a hard hike. It's 11 miles out and back, with a gain of  6,161 feet in elevation. We have decades to work up to the summit.

Today, it was enough to start out and go until we wanted to turn back. We hit this fork in the road. The sign clearly says to go left to Mat Peak Trail. We went right. It seemed silly to get off the nice road.

There's a beautiful mountain behind us, but the phone cam didn't pick it up. We loved the fall colors and the chance to spend time alone together. 

The road begins to climb swiftly....We took this photo for #WYFF! You'll note she is wearing CROCS! I love my Crocs. I have fur-lined crocs for winter. I would not attempt a hike in Crocs. In her defense we didn't plan to climb the trail. 😏
She's a trooper! 
 I didn't get a photo, but Yuuki was HILARIOUS.  We reached a steep spot, she planted her feet and was STILL sliding back down the incline.  We decided to turn around, grab a couple of photos and try the peak trail again on another day. A day when Stacia wears real shoes, we bring along our walking sticks, AND BEAR SPRAY.
Loving the fall colors....and  hiking with Stacia
Kim, our neighbor, saw us coming off the trail. She was proud of us for attempting it and was full of encouraging tips and stories of her various hikes to the top of the peak. She told us a good goal would be to go to the water box  (4.5 mile?). It's a steep incline, but we should turn back when we hit the brush (as the boys did). She suggested we needed to get a bit better outfitted, but we should continue going a bit further each time. Her suggestions - shoes and bear spray for Stacia and a 44 for me. Well, now. 😲😳😲 She told us how to take the Morgan Horse Trail and get over to the Lazy Moose Trail. She thought we should try the Lazy Moose Trail before winter sets in.  We'll see....we may just keep walking to the trailhead and trying to go a bit further each time.