Thursday, July 21, 2011

Divine Rabbit Trails - Hospitality

In the absence of an in-depth women's Bible study during the summer, I've been enjoying digging deep into my daily readings of Scripture. I was innocently reading through Hebrews when I arrived in  Hebrews 13 and took a rabbit trail.
I've planned to study hospitality for years. There have been times when we've burned ourselves out with hospitality - robbing family time and neglecting self-care. There have been times when we've had it balanced fairly well.  I went to a workshop on hospitality at the PWOCI Conference in Dallas. It was a great workshop, but focused mostly on "how tos" - tips like quick meals and I said - it was GREAT - but I knew God had more for me.  I was sad to miss Mary's workshop on hospitality here in Misawa due to traveling. Beyond the workshops....I know God ALWAYS takes me deeply into His word and then provides other's teachings in the forms of sermons, books, and more when He is going to show me something personally "big".  I knew the time for personal in-depth study was coming.... THIS seemed the time - a divine rabbit trail (it doesn't get much better for someone who loves to study the Word).

I have spent the last couple of weeks searching the Word on the topic of hospitality. I've done word studies, cross references, looked at every verse where the word is mentioned (there really isn't that many) and have begun to make a list examples of hospitality in Scripture. I realized this a.m.  I've been developing a personal "Biblical Theology of Hospitality".

I feel I'm firmly planted in the Word and have dug deep into the topic....I'm about to begin reading what others have to say and actively seeking out others teachings. I may be a geek, but I know how God moves in my life...and He's moving. I'm wondering what's next...So much to share from my study.

I'll start with just this.....Check out the CONTEXT of the New Testament verses on hospitality. Hospitality is a basic virtue of the Christian life (Rm 12:13 and surrounding). Hospitality is a qualification of church leaders (listed before teaching) and older women (I Tim 3:2, Titus 1:8).  Hospitality is a practice we are to cultivate as we prepare for the end times (I Peter 4:9). Answering  the question of WHY it's a basic of  Christian life, a  leadership qualification and  preparation for the end times leads to the formation of a Biblical Theology of Hospitality.

I may share more later - so many notes in my little life journal. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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