Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Work

We worked all day on will tell the story...but I'm too exhausted to upload them tonight. LOL

Tonight the girls and I went and decorated the Fellowship Hall. It looks pretty and nice for breakfast tomorrow a.m.

That's about all we did.

::snort:: Typed this, previewed and my signature was missing....turns out I was on the region's this would not have been the type of thing I like to post for regional edification. I really must quit posting when I'm tired. ::snort:: YES - there is joy in being exhausted from a full day of work...I think I'll get to experience that more often in the next few weeks. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


ACK.....years of educational supplies to sort through!!!! TWO HUGE TUBS of NEW educational kits, old band instruments, books, art supplies.... I'm telling you it's PAINFUL for a frugal homeschooler to get rid of stuff that I KNOW will be needed in the future.....almost as painful as getting rid of the toilet paper roles a few weeks back. I HAVE needed them several times too.....

But surely I can buy notebooks, paper, colored paper, fun art kits, science kits, games and such in Japan. Right?

I started with the school closets I KNEW they would be the hardest to part with and to price....ACK.....even got rid of my box of't used THOSE in years as all the companies have online catalogs.

The hardest part really is figuring out what things were worth to then price....instruments, picnic tables, 6 ft tables, books, bike trailer, lawn mowers....what do you think about books? .25 for paperback and .50 for hardback unless otherwise marked? Or more or less?

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

My Elephant Stinks!

Stacia's "baby of the week" is this elephant. (I don't ask). She sleeps with it and it goes EVERYWHERE with us.

One a.m. this week she awoke with the elephant. I had been treating Arielle's finger. I had washed my hands. But Ichthammol smells like coal or tar and looks like it too. I hugged Stacia and told her good a.m.

She sniffed, looked at me, looked at her elephant and said, "Huh! My elephant STINKS!" ::snort::


This stuff is good! Betsy said I could keep some, as she had trouble finding it here and had to finally order it from a vet......I went on line and they SAY Walgreen's has it behind the counter....but I'm sold on it. I've been calling it the "stuff from Pennsylvania" as both ladies who knew about it were from that state.... but this is it....

Online they say there is "no reason for it to work"....but Arielle's finer was hard, swollen, red, and green....and the doc's said they could see her Wed. Tuesday night I put this stuff on it..... Wed a.m. the finger was open and draining....and it's only gotten better. I read online that it is good for boils. Some of our kids have suffered with boils. I plan to get them some....

After all, if it will "hep my goat" it has to be good for me too. ::snort:: What about the rest of you? Have you seen this before? Is it only a NE thing?

Choosing Joy!
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Friday Recap

  • Saw a friend's dh off at the airport. When he returns we will be gone. Goodbyes stink. Yeah, I know....hellos are coming...but don't tell ME they don't stink. ::snort::
  • Went to visit a friend. We didn't have much visiting time.....
  • Attended Good Friday Service at Chapel.
  • Shopped for Chapel's Easter Sunrise breakfast/ delivered things to Fellowship Hall.
  • Shopped for lost....went shopping...picked up Pizza Hut.
  • Josiah and Michael (son of friend in item 1) came over for pizza.
  • Josiah, Michael and Jared went to his apartment.
  • We watched Prince of Egypt.
  • Jamin came home from work, Jared came home from Cy's apartment. The day was over.

Choosing Joy!
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Prayer Request for OK Families

A quick prayer request. There have been wildfires in OK. I trust all are praying for those affected by the fires.

I do know of one specific Navy family assigned to Tinker AFB who has lost everything. I've posted the request (with names removed) on the Central PWOC blog, if you'd like to read the message....but bottom line is that this lady is here with her children (her dh is overseas) and is in need of our prayer. The children are especially having a hard time with having lost everything.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.