Sunday, February 08, 2015

Nolan's Day

Sixteen years old!!!!
The boys took a treat to the youth class today....and Nolan chose Applebee's for lunch.  We came home and the kids began a rousing round of RISK. (Not seeming to understand the privilege of birthday, Arielle won again! ) Nolan received calls for Krista and BreZaak.

 We are realizing how quickly time passes. Time hits warp speed as the kids enter high school.

We asked Nolan some goals he has for the next couple of years.

He's still thinking of goals - but two goals are to write awesome essays and to be able to carry on a normal conversation in Japanese.

Both within his reach.
If we knew he'd be so happy with printed photos, we'd have given him a little red sport's car.  His gifts are on the way.....Scene It from the kids.
The Hobbit board game add on....
Pre-order of The Hobbit 3
Just to be sure he had something to open - Stacia and I picked this up.

We've loved watching the man of God Nolan is becoming. We look forward to the upcoming years.