Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nolan - Before and After

I've been meaning to post before and after photos of Nolan.  Nolan had severe acne from the time he was 11. We tried home remedies. We tried all the creams the clinic offers. When he was 13 he asked about Acutane. We began discussions with the clinic in Misawa. Doctors moved and so we waited for the new ones who could follow him through the treatment. He started the treatment as he turned 14.

This is the week before treatment began - things were actually looking much better than they had previously - but the doctor said he was still a candidate for treatment. I don't have a lot of photos of this time period.....
I believe this is a ride at Tokyo Disney

Here he is after treatment 

There you have it. We are happy the treatment worked well for him. The dermatologist here said it is basically super high doses of toxic Vit A and if he ate 10 lbs of a carrots a day it would clear him up just as'd be yellow but....

Nolan was a champ through the whole process.

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