Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Stacia Turns 12

 Stacia turned 12 today. She's been sending siblings text alerts for 135 days.  All unpacking came to a stand still as we took the day off to celebrate this Gherkin - our encore, our finale, our caboose.  We couldn't find the birthday swag or the pig hat.....but Stacia had tucked away the tiara  - which works for her.....

We began the day with a hike on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail at Kincaid Park 

Stacia, Cory, Nolan, Michael 
 Our first moose sighting - still in velvet

Maria and Mako like Alaska 
 We were happy CoRielle ;joined us for a rainy hike. 
Cory, Arielle, Nolan and Stacia
 Stacia and friend

Start of "fall colors" 

 This runner kept sprinting down the hill and back. I was in the road, taking a photo, everyone else was stopped....he had a practice of running by.....he saw this one and said, "I'll stop for this."

We also visited Earthquake park and then headed home to get ready for diner. Stacia requested Yakisoba.
F - Larissa, Bella, Bre, Marie, Stacia, Arielle
B - Jamin, Jared, Izzak, Nolan, Alex, Michael, Cory, Josiah
Not pictured - De'Etta and Gideon 
 We DID find the birthday plate! It's ODD as we know just where the birthday stuff was in the RV hatch - but it's not there! 
This girl loves Yakisoba. 
We brought the little table up and added it to the big one for the night. 

Stacia asked for a Mint Moose Tracks ice cream cake. I knew we'd need two cakes to feed the crowd....Arielle was craving peanut butter.....The one on the left is moose track ice cream with a layer of peanut butter and reeses and an oreo crust. The one on the left adds mint.

I found this fantastic candle at Fred Meyers. As Michael read the instructions, he noted it said to stand 4 feet back from the candle. I'm glad I got this video - the candle is epic. Note how many moved away from the table, leaving Stacia to fend for herself.  The directions said to cut a wire and it would quit playing, it didn't. We put it on the deck and forgot about it. Nearing mid-night, Cory came up and brought it inside, he could hear the music in his room. He and Michael totally dismantled it. 

Stacia is a very responsive gift receiver - which makes it fun to share with her. 

Bella is determined to re-distribute the wealth

Marie found cute sleeping masks - we suggested sending a pair with Jamin to OCS. 

So fun to have Cy around.....

Jamin helps unleash the big gifts

Stacia's room is a transition room. It's full of her dolls, but she wanted to make the area under her bed a "sitting area."  I bought the string of teal/white lights, silver lamps and chairs. Marie bought the little tables and baskets that are silver and teal.