Thursday, August 12, 2021

Not Fall

 It is not fall! It is August 8th. The fireweed has not bloomed to the top OR gone to seed - both I've been told are indicators of 6 weeks until winter - and as we know fall comes BEFORE winter. I think I will concede fall when the fireweed is going to seed. Seems fair? Logical, even? Last year I held out through a couple of weeks of snow as the leaves were on top of the snow. 

I did note a few yellow leaves on the trees and on the ground as we sat around the fire ring.  I thought a graham cracker was floating at one point, only to realize it was falling leaf. 

And it DID get dark as we huddled around the fire. We've been out until 11:30 p.m. without it getting dark....

Why in the world are these on the shelves months before fall? Now if they'd only order some pumpkin spice English muffins! 

While I still maintain we are simply nearing the end of summer, it may be a good time to note a few changes and what I LOVE about fall. 

I love the twinkle lights in the nook on fall/darker mornings.

Candles - all types, anywhere...I like it to be dark enough for candles. Sadly, I discovered years ago fragrant candles (which I LOVED) gave me migraines...but I'm finding unscented options. 

Hot apple cider, sweatshirts, crisp mornings, pumpkin patches, apple harvest, all the reds and yellows, scarecrows, conversations around the fire, hay bales, hay rides, Pyrah's Fall Harvest festival (which I haven't blogged from last year), sense of expectancy in the air (or dread), fall snack mixes, pumpkin hater memes, flannel shirts, wool socks, Alaskan Happy Hats, caramel apples, Thomas' Pumpkin Spice English muffins (which aren't sold up here), fall baking tastes better on a rainy does soup, tea, stew....yep...we do love fall.....'s still not quite fall? Right?  Maybe it IS fall around here....if I wait too long, I may miss it altogether...and it IS one of my favorites. 

"Favorite" Son to My Rescue

There was a night this week when I needed to be out of the house in the evening. I knew it would be a busy day and began prepping dinner EARLY in the day. Before 0900 I had pie crusts made, chicken and veggies chopped.  

The day was as chaotic as predicted, still I had time to get home from Dad's appointment, throw dinner together, and eat before leaving for Bible study. Until, in the midst of making dinner,  I somehow turned the oven off. I suspect this happened when I checked the pies 30 minutes into their baking time.  I reluctantly had to leave without any of the Country Chicken Pot Pie.  Both boys were home....I suspected I wouldn't get a piece.....

I debated who would be most likely to READ a text sent while they were eating....and texted both girls. "Please make sure I get a piece of pot pie."  Check out this appears my "favorite" son had grabbed me a BIG piece. It's a beautiful favorite dinner, on my favorite Polish pottery plate, going into the fridge! LOL  It's been fun having Nolan home two nights this week. 

I had 2 meals with that piece! LOL 
📷by Allie 

I came home to this....Grandpa and Alex had gone to bed....these were in the midst of trying to get themselves out of a fire. I think they failed. I was focused on my pot pie and missed the finer points of the game. ::snort:: 

The moral of this story is - be sure the oven isn't turned off when restarting the oven timer!  As for that "favorite" title....they all carry it...and they know it.