Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Break - Day 4

Our Wednesdays are made for chapel...... CWOC treated us to a scrumptious breakfast at PWOC.... after studies we had a PWOC board meeting.

Michael went to the doctor and now has a couple more referrals - all part of retiring - and is on quarters for 3 days - not part of retiring.  He's got some bad crud....

After the board meeting the kids and I had hair cuts. The gal my appointment was with was having a longer than expected coloring....and so I had a gal who hasn't cut my hair before.  I've learned to say I want a "Mom Bob" I said that....and that has never resulted in razors and thinning and such...but there you have it....

I'm pretty sure I should quit allowing close-ups or at the very least shouldn't smile for them. ::snort::

The older three headed for PYOC. As Michael is sick, and we are leaving for five days, Stacia and I stayed home.  We talked about our day and then I worked on some projects I need to have done before I leave - Prot News and such.... and now I need to go pack....because I'm determined to load the kids into the van and leave at 0darkthirty....debating if I should plot a route or just put in Mom and Dad's address in the GPS and go.

Arielle will have a college preview day on Friday in OR.

CWOC = Catholic Women of the Chapel
PWOC = Protestant Women of the Chapel
PYOC = Protestant Youth of the Chapel
Prot News = Protestant Parish weekly bulletin/newsletter