Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day 26 - Going Outside (Anchorage - Lower 48) 10 July

Quote of the Day: “I saw Mr. De’Etta outside and had to come find De’Etta.” ::snort:: Said by one of “my ladies” - Heidi. She’s coming your way Kristine - y’all are so lucky!!!
Would you believe we were out of our apartment by 8:30 this a.m. In fact, we were sitting at McD’s and I was uploading photos. ::snort::

After breakfast, Mike suggested I attend the PWOC Bible Study. What a nice guy. He visited with Ch. M, went and bought new shoes for Zander, and chatted in the halls. I only knew one lady at PWOC - but it was fun to be there. I did meet several new Chaplain’s wives…never know when paths will cross again. Lynn, I met Sherri B. today.

We drove around the back of base one more time......beautiful.

This is the view I saw a lot of in Alaska. LOL Following Mike's rental car.

Josiah and Jamin treated us all to an afternoon at Chuck E Cheese. We don’t have one of these in our towns. It was a pretty penny, but fun. We all got sketches made at the little booth - that was fun. I’ll scan them when we get home. Here they are in the roller coaster simulator.
Stacia loved anything with a steering wheel....

I was thrilled that we were able to catch up with a kindred spirit, Valerie. That was an unexpected blessing.

Currently, we are waiting to catch our flight outside (anywhere outside of AK). Another blessing occurred when we checked in. The lady asked why we were going to Juneau. “Um….because that’s where the free tickets go!” ::snort:: She changed our tickets and has us all sitting next to each other….flying from Anchorage - Seattle NON STOP. We won’t have a 6 hour layover in Juneau. We leave an hour later here….but we’ll arrive in WA at midnight instead of 4 a.m. Breakfast in Spokane? LOL

This was a great trip. We’ve had several offers to stay at other’s homes next time we are up. The boys really, really want to come up next summer for a fishing trip. It’s being billed as a “senior trip”. We shall see how much $ they save towards it. I belive next time that we will rent a couple of trailers from the base and stay at the fam camp....or stay at someone's home....Maybe we should plan a "reunion camping trip to EAFB Fam Camp". ::snort::
Saying goodbye to AK again is tough, but we know that God moves us and that HE has a reason for moving us to the places He moves us. He has people for us to touch and people to touch US ….and so we rest in the process. . . But sometimes we are sad. LOL
Day 18 - Photos

Picnic at the back of the church (Jared must have been chasing Stacia - there are only seven children here - this was our goodbye to the girls)
Tickle Time
Mike took us to DQ after saying goodbye to the girls - can you say COMFORT FOOD???
Japanese Gardens

The Car....like mother, like daughter, like granddaughter
I'd started this one about a week ago. From now on I'll put the photos in the post that tells about them.....to read about this - it's DAY 18. ::snort::