Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cleaning and Playing

We worked hard and long today. We cleared rooms, mopped, vacuumed, touched up paint, washed walls and baseboards, cleaned a zillion toilets and sinks - Michael is shampooing carpets while I blog.

Tomorrow we will finish the kitchen, freshen things ups, organize the trailer and make  a trip to the landfill.

Yuuki is totally "done" with all of us and our crazy ways.  Her chair goes tomorrow.

Maria picked me up at 5:00 p.m. and we headed for Roseville. We had a lot to celebrate - Cynthia's husband will soon be home, Maria was promoted and Holly has a birthday coming up. It was a fun evening with dinner, laughter, dessert and even a quick trip to replenish PWOC's coffee stores.  Each of these women is a jewel and dear to me. We missed those who couldn't make it.

Mindee, Stephanie, Me, Holly, Megan, Maria, Cynthia and Katie
 Dessert at Coldstone - Hunter needed ice cream

It was fun to get out and play. I'm going to miss having a community of friends to visit with face to face when we go on the road.

Note - O.K. I won't leave this post without an explanation of Cynthia's expression.  In order to get this shot, "someone" had to get in front of all the ladies in a packed line, and "someone" may have had to snuggle in and get a bit friendly with the gentlemen in front of the ladies in order to get the do what you have to do. I love these ladies.