Friday, September 14, 2007


Wow. Fun week. Today we had a play date. We never quite made it to school.

I dropped Jared off to mow a lawn at 9:00 a.m. When we got home from playing about 12:20 and he wasn't home I began to worry. When he wasn't home at 1:00 p.m. I went to track him down. I found the tell tale gas cans and knew I'd found the right spot. ::snort:: I knocked on the door and spent the next 30+ minutes visiting with a delightful seasoned citizen. She told me that Jamin (who did her yard last year) and Jared are great boys. She asked questions about Stacia. We chatted. I sensed that she is lonely....and she is very security conscious. She told me to drop by any time as I was leaving.

This all put our schedule off - but I felt it was well worth it to have those moments of well...ministry. All I had planned for the day were some hands on things.
I got word that my name was drawn to win a DK Family Bible - and I'm totally excited. I didn't have the $30 to purchase this and have been using the libraries copy. I can return it shortly - for all you local folks who have been wanting it. LOL

Tonight was PWOC Project night. Low numbers tonight - but we had fun visiting. I DID put 14 sheet protectors on. ::snort::

I got home earlier than usual on Project Night. Mike and the kids at home were playing charades. I joined in and totally grossed out Stacia by washing her feet with my "tears" and drying them with my hair. ::snort::
I'm rethinking tomorrows plans...we have three different directions to head....I think I may simplify the plan.

Stacia has only attended chapel. I'd not realized she hadn't seen a baby before. She told Deja she wanted to hold the baby and Deja is very generous with Elisha. She examined his toes, hair, nose, and lips....pointing them all out to us....Ah...Elisha is a doll.