Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Alaska's Coolest Bathroom and More

I'm sure you have been dying to see the coolest bathroom in Alaska. LOL  The boys told me the hall bathroom is THEIRS...and Cory and Arielle are obviously running with the idea....a Dinosaur bathroom. 

Yes, today I spent a few morning hours with "the boys." They keep me on my feet. It's fun to be a Bachan revisiting, remembering what it's REALLY like to have a houseful of little ones. Fun memories...today we had "coffee" which was really peppermint tea and then we were off and running.  First, they showed me the new artwork in the Rec Room. Each boy painted one - and I think they did a wonderful job! Benny explained the process to me. 

Little Buddy was more interested in playing with hot wheels than in exploring the world of art. LOL 

Danny's priceless face! Benny is behind him, and is applying a tattoo to his belly button. He is holding a cold wipe on Danny's tummy. 

He wanted to give me a tattoo and I allowed him to - but not on my tummy. LOL 

All the stuffies had to fly off the top of their play structure....and it was quite fun to take turns being buried in stuffies. 

They know what they're doing. They hardly ever fall. They LOVE this. This is going to make winters so much nicer. I think. I may have to come play in their Rec Room next winter.  Which by the way - there was new snow on the mountain we live by this morning. In the fall we'd be calling it termination dust...at this point...shoot...we've just gotten spring. 

Little Buddy, Benny and I heard singing...and found Danny singing what sounded like Hallelujah in the hallway. 

This is fantastic. Benny told me it's his summer school. They planted a seed and now you can view the roots, the water, the greenery...and they put some obstacles in the way to watch how plants grow around them. 

All too soon Arielle was home, and I was off for a brief stay at my home. I got a few things done and it was time for me to run to my doctor's. My labs were so much BETTER than I expected! My A1C has come down and is 1 point below the pre-diabetic cut off now. My cholesterol has come down though there is still room for improvement. All the vitamins and such were in order. My thyroid levels are fine. The only alarming thing is that I have somehow lost 1 1/2 inches. Seriously. I asked how I could go from 5'4" to 5' 2 1/2" in 6 months. No answers....just an assurance that I am not 5'4". We'll see. I DID lose 12 pounds in the same time....but at this rate I am never going to reach a healthy BMI...losing weight while losing inches is not a good strategy. LOL 

A local store called and asked if I had any counter eggs to sell them. I took 4 doz to them. I'd sold everything over the weekend....but had a few dozen. I think I'll spend my $$ on buying goodies from their greenhouse. LOL 

It's been a busy day. I'm tired. Projects I'm working on are not going as seamlessly as I'd like them to go...these crazy hens are determined to sit in this nesting box. There weren't even eggs under them. 

Lindsey sent me a couple of pictures this evening! What fun to see some of my favorite people in the world in one photo. LOL  Trudy is at such a fun age! 
Lindsey, Bre & Trudy📷by Lindsey

All the kids 📷by Lindsey

Free - What?

 I shared this photo on May 23rd. I had driven by this for a few weeks and laughed each time. 

I was so glad to have caught this before the trampolines were cleared away. The sign says, "Free Trampolines." 

I drove past on my way to CoRielle's and was surprised to see an amended sign. 

Someone in the neighborhood has a great sense of humor. LOL