Saturday, June 12, 2021

Krista's Bridal Shower

 We had to be sure to mow last week so we could put out some weed and feed because THIS Saturday is Krista's Bridal Shower. Arielle, her matron of honor, did a great job pulling together all the details and delegating responsibilities. Bre, Brittany, Allie and Stacia all had a hand it making it a fun day for all. 

Back - Stacia, Allie, Arielle, Me & Mona (Luke's mom)
Front - Carrie, Krista, Bre and Carrie (Luke's sister)

It turned out to be a beautiful day. It wasn't too hot - and the bugs weren't TOO pesky. It was fun to have everyone over. 
Jen, Cecila and Jacque

Sandy, Nora, Rose

Krista and I  - didn't even coordinate the matchy thing. LOL 

Jojo (BreZaak's) 7 months

Bre shares how Krista is like a succulent plant

I discovered through this wedding and two showers...Brittany is the queen of shower games! 
Krista and Brittany

Cold Feet - Lindsey and Krista try to pick rings out of bowls of ice with their feet. 

Cecelia and Jojo 

Opening gifts - Allie and Krista

The girls - minus Larissa (and Maria)
Back - Stacia, Allie, Arielle
Front Carrie, Krista, Bre