Friday, August 17, 2007

FRIDAY (as remembered early Sat a.m.)

I am stretching to remember what we did - we were busy....


Trip to the ER. They had said they would remove Jamin's stiches. They decided to leave them in until at least Monday. They DID remove the splint.

Shopping for more wound dressing supplies.

Horrors - I'm totally OUT of produce and we didn't do produce co-op today.

It rained ALL day - flash flood weather. That always provides great excitement.

We picked up and cleaned around home.

I decided it was the perfect day for tea. We hosted a meeting for the group going to World View Academy. It was fun to have folks in the house to sort of SIT AND RELAX - as opposed to run in and grab groceries and run out. ::snort:: We made a fruit tray, tea, ice water and hot chocolate. I was able to use my pretty tea things...or some of them....I also pulled a few dozen rounds of cookie dough from the freezer. Earlier in the week I'd used the frozen spaghetti sauce....this freezer thing is helping...unfortunately, I may use it all up before we begin school.

Our older two worked late.

I ended up not having company last night - which was GOOD - Mike had worked until 9 p.m. 3 nights of the week....gone in for 1/2 a day on his day off (Wed)...and I don't think we were really up to hosting on Friday night....because the weekend looks full too. LOL

Those of us at home watched "Son of Paleface" - an old Bob Hope movie. We're trying to find Paleface.

Our evening was interupted by some fantastic rolling thunder/lightening storms. Michael and I love to watch storms. We all spent 40 minutes or so on the back patio watching....then I left the blinds open so we could watch them from bed all night long.

Stacia and Zander weren't 100% positive that they appreciated the continuous noise


This week's winners are Lisa B - *For the Childrens' Sake*

Thoughtful Mom - *Homeschooling the Early Years*

Please email me your address by Wednesday. If you have my personal email address go for it - or email to

I'll post new books tomorrow.
~Thursday ~
(Then and Now post will still come but let me briefly recap yesterday).

Michael had to leave for work at 6 a.m. He's been in early and out late (8 - 9 p.m.) all week. We'll be glad when THIS work week is over.

Bowers headed down the road.

Stacia proves she is a TCK (Third Culture Kid) and refuses to say goodbye. ::snort::
Tricia had invited us to the pool. We don't usually go early in the day, but we didn't have a thing planned, so we headed over. We met up with Yvonne and Adrienne and their children at the pool too. (All the pool photos have other family's children - so no photos). Yvonne and her family have recently become full time RVers. It was fun to visit with her. They are staying at the base's rec camp. She mentioned another homeschool family is living there too and THAT mom is planning an "RV birth".

Headed home for late snack/lunch...nap time, chapel paperwork, and prep for Civil Air Patrol.

Jared took a test at CAP and passed with a score over 90%. They do PT in two weeks and then he'll be able to promote from cadet to airman.

The older two young men worked a long day - they are having a mall grand "reopening" (though it never closed???), tax-free shopping this weekend, and a company inspection as well. All this with a manager and several employees out of town and Jamin's finger not working well. LOL
Stacia's Favorite/Most Hated Birthday Gift of All

Jamin contemplated, considered, and finally purchased this for Stacia. The thing imitate everything you say and parrots it back. It's a huge HIT not only with Stacia, but with all of the fabulous four. In fact, Beth has several on her Christmas list that she plans to give it to.

Thursday morning I walked into the kitchen and found it on my microwave....I jumped a mile. I walked past, hadn't even noticed it and it ROARED at me and squawked "stop it, stop it". ::snort::It IS great fun! Jamin bought it at Wal-mart. Be prepared for NOISE. It broke our "no noisy toys" rule...but it is a favorite. LOL