Sunday, June 04, 2017

Mr. Gingerbread Man in Mexico.

Krista posted this on her blog before she left Mexico. I'm just getting it cross-posted. 
My family enjoys a gingerbread competition on New Years Eve and the winner this year received the honor of hosting Mr. Gingerbread Man. He was passed off to me in Colorado, so he could come enjoy Mexico for a bit.

At first Mr. Gingerbread was not thrilled, he was complaining that I lied about Mexico being sunny and lots of children for him to befriend. It was rather sad  the first three days were stormy and I had finals; I was a bad host and didn't introduce him to people.

However, the last week and a half have been what I promised and he has made many great friends and been enjoying some sunshine.

To read more of Mr. Gingerbread Man's adventures  click the "Gingerbread Competition" in the side bar labels. 

One Day and a Wake Up

It was great to have mom back at church today. πŸ’“πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“

We left early to meet CoRielle at Mom and Dad's. They brought over her very heavy dresser from Japan. We will spend tomorrow packing the remaining things into the trailer.

Our next stop was St Vinnies. They ARE open on Sundays. We purchased seven or eight blankets to use in wrapping furniture.

Will and Sherri had Harmony for the afternoon. We were glad this had worked out and went over for lunch so the girls could get in some cousin time before our move. They had a great time, we enjoyed visiting with Will and Sherri. Mom and Dad joined us for dessert and more visiting.

Gracie was a hoot. She LOVES playing catch. I've never seen a dog play catch with herself.

We sat about an hour - maybe a little less - in the hot tub here at the park. Interesting visits with a couple of fellow retiree types. 😊 I think it really did help both Michael and I with our aches and pains from all the loading. 😏

Josiah called and the boys are back in Eagle River after their big hike. 

One day and a wake up - unless we don't get it all done and leave a day later.πŸ˜›πŸ’₯πŸ˜„