Saturday, December 08, 2018

2018 Colony Christmas

The day began with wet, cold, snow and a Men's Breakfast at church.  We planned to spend the day looking at crafts and exploring the event after Alex and Michael got home. We'd end the day by meeting up  BreZaak and kids at 3 p.m. to pet reindeer, catch dinner,  and then on to the Colony Christmas Light Parade and Fireworks.

As the day went on the weather looked crummy. I told Mike, "I don't know what it's doing out there, but it's cold and wet."

"It's RAIN," he informed me.

"Oh yeah - rain."

I was impressed that it was RAINING in such cold temps. I thought that was impossible.

Arielle decided she didn't want to stand outside in the wet and cold with Benny.

Josiah and JaRissa were coming out to enjoy the festivities. We stayed warm by the fire as it rained, snowed, and rained some more. Our thinking was that as the sun set, around 3 p.m., the temp would drop, and the rain would become snow. It did.

We met up for dinner and the Light Parade.  BreZaak and the kids were a bit further away with Josiah, but here's the rest of the gang.
Me, Michael, Stacia, Jared, Larissa, Nolan and Alex in the back 

Free hot chocolate was amazingly perfect for the evening.

The Light Parade was nice. We were happy to discover the crowds were manageable even when the whole town showed up. Both Josiah and I had the same thought after observing the parade - we should enter a float next year. I was thinking in terms of the church - nativities, angels etc. were in short supply.....he was thinking a family story time with all the family riding along. Either way - I think it would be fun. 

We walked over to the library and waited 15 minutes for the Colony Day Fireworks. We weren't expecting a very big show. We were proven WRONG. They were spectacular and lasted quite a long time. We were on the curb across from where they were setting them off on the library's lawn. We couldn't have found a closer viewing spot.

If you'd like to get a taste for the show - watch the quick clip below.  It was a great outing....I'm glad we didn't let the weather keep us inside....though I will NOT wear Crocs next year. LOL