Thursday, September 16, 2021

Rose, Termination Dust & Wood

 This is Rose. Rose attends our church. She's also come to women's Bible Study (Gather) and to our life group for a couple of years. Rose and her husband are going to move with their daughter and her husband to help with their kids as they transition to military life. 

We wanted to get a coffee date in before Rose moves.  The move date has been a bit flexible, but all of sudden the word has come it will be before next Sunday. Rose had time between packers and errands to run out to a local coffee shop. On the way to pick up Rose I kept thinking I'd rather take her to Sophia's than to the local coffee shop we'd talked about.  I asked her if she'd mind going to Sophia's instead. She told me it was an answer to prayer. She had told God she'd really to go to Sophia's before she moved. I love it when God gives one of his gals a heavenly hug. He did that for Rose today. Spending time out with someone in my general age range was a treat. 

Our mountain peaks...I love it when there is both fall colors and a hint of snow. White IS a fall color up here, as I've proclaimed many times. ::snort:: 

Michael continues to cut trees at KC's and the boys help split and pack it into the woodshed. 
Alex and Michael

Such a pretty sight