Thursday, February 15, 2007


Where has this week gone?

Today we did school. We've begun studying China.

I was supposed to go out to lunch with a friend but realized at the last minute that Cy had gone to work, and I had to take the older boys to their weekly ministry opportunity and that meant there was no one to watch the younger ones. It's been a while since THAT has happened. ::snort:: Debbie was very gracious about the whole thing. I was glad she'd come into town to get her hair cut anyway and not JUST to have lunch with me.

I ran to the bank and cashed checks for produce co-op.

I ran to Albertsons and picked up manicotti shells. Arielle helped me stuff them. I HATE that job...but my children LOVE manicotti. Bre and Krista used to do this for me. I tried to use the Pampered Chef decorating gun thing to fill them - but that didn't work very well. I suspect my filling was to hefty.

I wrote a newsletter for produce co-op and then realized that this computer isn't hooked up to a printer. I tried to hook up the printer but had no success at all.

We set up tables and baskets for co-op tomorrow.

There was recently a "mother" retreat locally. One of the focus' was healthy eating. I've had several call this week about both the shop natural and the produce co-op.

I picked up a book for $4 at Sam's Club.

I really can't think of anything else I did. I've been up since 4 a.m. and it's time to call it a day.

Princess Fashion

Arielle picked out this shirt for Stacia yesterday...
and then made sure they both wore their princess shirts today.....

Stacia's says, "Let's Face it, I'm a Princess". Arielle's says, "Yes, I AM a Princess - daughter of the King".

In the last couple of weeks Arielle and Stacia have begun to have FUN together. Obviously, Arielle is still WATCHING Stacia but she's having fun playing with Stacia too. Today they had Barbies and were zooming them all over the house....

My Magic Fruit Shake

 (commonly called smoothies by the rest of the world)

This is how I get 6 servings of produce in most mornings..... 300 - 350 calories. Who's counting? Evidently, me these days! LOL I add at least a 2 C salad at both lunch an dinner and have 10 servings in for the day.

Six serving variety:
1 C of fresh squeezed OJ
1 banana
1 nectarine or peach
3/4 C pineapple
3/4 C blueberries

Five serving variety: 1/2 C OJ instead of 1 C - thick - almost like ice cream

Darshia, I promised to tell you what I thought after I'd used it for a bit of time. That is what prompted this entry. I have not used my real blender since we all learned how to use this. This is MUCH less mess. We can each make our smoothies (shakes on Sunday night) to our tastes. It all blends in the cup.... doesn't blend as smooth as the Bosch. Editor's note 2012 - it broke before a year of useage.  I now skip the OJ - add water and spinach to make a puree, a scoop of muscle milk protein mix and super seed.....adds veggie, protein and all sorts of fiber. 

A Tale of Princesses and Dragons....

My Dad

My Dad and I - Feb 14, 1984

My Dad and a Professor from Bible College officiated at our wedding. I love this photo. I thought I'd share it with an update on Dad.

Those of you who are "old readers" know that about 10 months ago my Dad (retired missionary) fell off of a semi-truck.

He shattered his leg and had to have surgery. The leg didn't heal and the screw went through the bone and into the joint. All the rods and hardware were taken out. The second surgery was done. Dad went through rehab again. This time the screw snapped in TWO and the leg didn't heal. A few months ago Dad had a third surgery (all hardware removed again and I think even a graft of some sort). He has taken rehab very slowly this time - at doctor's orders. He hasn't put more than 30lbs of weight on the leg in months.

A few weeks ago when things were x-rayed they showed bone growth in 75% of the leg. They gave dad a bone stimulator. Monday he went back in and the leg hadn't gotten better. It had degenerated. AND the screw had again gone through the bone and into the joint or socket.

The doctors are saying that the neck of his leg was simply too badly damaged for it to heal. This is rare...they can't quite figure it out. (Note to Jodi - remember Trevor is YOUNG - YOUNG folks recover quite well from these things!)

The best option now is a total hip replacement (with the only other option being amputation). Dad goes in for his 4th surgery next Thursday. They will replace the neck which isn't healing. All say the recovery on this is easier than what he's been through (3x now).

Please pray for my Dad. You know what it is like when a man can't work, can't move around, is in pain...and Dad's been going through this for 10 months.

Some Wedding Photos....

19/20 was so MUCH older back then than it is these days girls...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!

And tell me what is WRONG with lace????

Sorry for the quality - took photos of the photos....LOL .... Been thinking of those 7 bride's maids I'm only in continual contact with one of them these days, Christmas Contact with another one of them.....and some of my other friends from college I am still in continual contact...I guess you never know who you will remain close to over the years and who you won't. Sad but true.

Daddy Bear Swims!!!

This was after I fished his face out...

Hmmmm.....Maybe that wasn't my best idea ever....

Note to the one who dared a toilet post - this counts! You KNOW who you are!

My Roses

Evidently, Mike sent a card to Cy and Cy went and purchased 2 dozen roses for me.....

Note to Mike - I don't think this lets you out of giving me the 2nd 1/2 of the deployment roses when you get home. LOL And I tried to get a photo with Cy and the roses...but I keep getting his eyes shut....

Back in the Day.....

I would have stacks of index cards surrounding a typewriter to write a research paper. I've been thinking I need to update this sytem for the 21st century...evidently Jared got tired of waiting for me to find the perfect book or system for taking and organizing

notes for a research paper. He took his notes on post it notes and then ringed the computer. LOL Note the two defunct computers to the right of him.....which explains why I didn't mind Stacia waking me up at 4 a.m today - I need computer time. LOL


Lots of cases of produce - lead to lots of boxes for recycling....

the front of the van

The Back of the Van

I'll try to do this every week or every other week from now on....but really when I have to run to the bank, run to the recycling, and then pick up and sort produce each week - it is taking more weekly time than I expected. LOL I'm going to have to continue stream lining this co-op process. LOL I guess before I had a strict cash only policy - which eliminated the need to run to the bank each Thursday....and the base garbage service didn't mind hauling my cardboard - these guys do. LOL