Friday, January 20, 2023


 Stacia and I went out for our breakfast study. Like Allie, Stacia found a couple of new stories in this week's readings...the Hebrew midwives and Lois and Eunice. I guess those were just skipped over in her Sunday school classes. LOL 

The day was full of school for Stacia and Allie. Stacia took her first college test today. She wasn't overly impressed. It was a pretest to document how little you know from the course work of your declared major. 

Stacia finished a cake for Annie and me. 
Ballet slippers

I created a spreadsheet to track all the info I may need for the IRS for this egg thing of mine. 

Nolan is working. Alex is playing video games. Allie and Stacia both have events and have driven themselves. It's a quiet night for GG, Michael and me. We're watching Monsters Vs. Aliens.