Friday, August 28, 2020

Berry Picking 2020

Arielle, Benny, Stacia and I went berry picking again this year. 

 Benny was no longer contained in a back pack. LOL There is something magical about being alone on the mountain, picking berries...hyper alert for bears. 

Benny was able to help this year. 

Alaska picking etiquette is to leave berries closer to the road and easier to reach for the elders. Yes, many elders still forage every year. You also pick them carefully so as to leave unripe berries for those who will pick after you. Most are careful - and we appreciate it. 

Millie enjoyed the outing too. 

Benny got tired of picking and honed his climbing skills instead. 

We certainly got more berries than we did our first year of picking. We got enough to DO something with them. I think Arielle put hers in the freezer. I made sugar free jam...or ice cream topping. LOL 

It's fun to be blogging these almost exactly 2 years post adventure. It has confirmed what I THOUGHT I remembered...this is a much rainier summer/fall than we have had since being back up here. ::grin:: We tried to go picking yesterday (8-26-22) and got rained out. Sadly, Arielle reports many have found the spot and it's becoming quite busy....and some are NOT picking carefully...meaning they are destroying things for those who come behind them.