Thursday, September 11, 2008

Have We Forgotten?

I certainly have no desire to be morbid. Our youngest children have no memory of 9-11, though they have been full of questions today. I was going to say - there are simply not words - and leave it at that.......we are a resiliant country.

Like many of you I can remember clearly this morning seven years ago. I was 5 months pregnant. I went to the gym. The TV's were showing the WTC. One tower was on fire. As we watched another plane came into the screen.....that scene has been replayed over and over on telecasts. I remember a gentlemen turning to me and saying, "You'd better go home. Thank God my wife isn't pregnant now." That wasn't real encouraging.

We were told Mike would be going to the Desert. Then he didn't. Then we were told he get the picture. Finally, another chaplain stepped up and volunteered. He said that Mike should be home when his baby was born. I was relieved. Mike, like most military men I know, wanted to be over there, doing his duty and yet he was home when Zander was born. Ch. A held Zander when he got back and told me, a bit choked up, that THIS is what made it worth volunteering.

Why do I share that? It seemed we learned many lessons on that one day in history. We can squabble - but beneath it all we are still one country. Sacrfice will sometimes be necessary to protect the country we love. God is still on the throne. There is an enemy of freedom and it doesn't serve us well to pretend that there isn't. I pray we've not forgotten the lessons we learned during that time.

I've been praying for those who lost loved ones on 9-11 and in the war since. I'm inspired by many of the stories we've heard. It's been a bit of an emotional day.

A quote: "The committment of our fathers has become the calling of our generation." President Bush......

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