Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Beach Trip

Fridays are always late movie nights - which tend to make Saturdays late mornings for my family. I wake up naturally at 5:30 a.m. this time of year.  I enjoy the gift of silence. 

I got up and spent time with my man James (as in the epistle of James).  I hit the elliptical. That thing makes enough noise to rouse the family. 

Some of us opted to stay home - some of us went to Kaikoen/Momoishi beach....we are so very blessed to live amongst such beauty. We found quite a bit of sea glass too.  I have an idea for making a different kind of necklace and bracelet. We'll see.  I'm not the most crafty gal on the continent.

Arielle and Zander play in what used to be a channel of fresh water heading to the ocean

Its now a clam bed

Having grown up around TROPICAL oceans, it still makes me smile to go to the ocean in snow gear. 

Zander and Arielle share my joy at winter ocean viewing....

It would appear chasing seagulls is a winter activity too. 

 Mike asked me if we'd had many jelly fish this summer and I realized anew how much he missed of our year in Japan. When we arrived the beaches were COVERED with GIANT jelly fish - seriously - I saw a magazine article about "refrigerator sized jelly fish in Northern Japan" - I am NOT exaggerating. LOL This summer we only saw a few. Mike did find a nice shell...and when we got home Staica told him, "Mom does not allow shells only sea glass and floats." ::snort:: She tries to bring buckets of clam shells home each time we go to the beach. She's been feeling crummy yesterday and today.

Zander found this fascinating coming on the end of our year of studying Ocean Life. 

We're thinking cross-country skis and snow shoes on Monday. The older ones have a ski trip with the youth. 

Choosing Joy!
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