Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Winter Afternoons are made for Science

 Stacia continues to work away on science....

Yuuki isn't interested in science

Friday, March 15, 2019

A Fun Visit

Look who came to visit! 

Annie is two months old. She brought her Mom and siblings to visit. 

The balloon was a big hit. Benny felt he had right of possession. He's a good boy and he did share. 

Stacia introduces Bella to the art of pillow fighting. 

She also baked cookies with Bella and Gideon. 

Quality Control

Gideon provides sampling

Chicken Entertainment

It's been a rough winter for the girls. In the last few weeks they have begun tearing the feathers out of each other. Michael talked to a gal he met at Walmart and she said this is common up here in the spring. She gave him several ideas. 

He hung cabbage in the chicken yard so they have something new to peck at. LOL 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Piano Man

Michael used to play jazz and Keith Green almost every night. The kids would dance around the house while he played. He doesn't play as often anymore, but when he does, there's a new kid on the block to dance. 

CoRielle brought Benny up to watch Grandpa...and of course that led to dancing. 

Simple, happy, family times.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Building a House

The kids are in the process of building model houses. 

Note the lights installed and working

In this activity they learned how structural components fit together to form a strong building. Previously, they built lights.  In this lesson they are at the starting point of installing wiring into a house. They installed LED lights and insured they were working.

The assignments build on each other so I'm wondering what else thy may be doing over time with this house. Stacia envisions walls, curtains and furniture. LOL

We love our science this year - Advanced Physical Science from Exploration Education.

Benny & His "Toys"

One fun aspect of watching Benny for CoRielle is getting to interact with his new passions. He is 16 months old now and it's fascinating to watch his thought processes.

We are all familiar with Christmas morning when a child is happier to play with the box and wrapping than the gift! It has been fun to watch how CoRielle encourage Benny's imagination. One is likely to find all sorts of odd and interesting real life objects in Benny's possession.

Lately - it's been HIS POTATO! Yes, that little red potato...

I've heard Arielle talking with him about. I've discovered it in the dryer. It's been in the tub, his shirt....and today....I discovered it in his toy box. The little potato has become an official toy.

Note - the potato eventually HAD to disappear (they DO rot you know) and Benny has moved on to other fascinating toys. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Happy Places - His and Hers

Yes....I'm at it again. It makes me smile to organize. I'm fully aware of what this likely says about my psychological state.  Yes, much of life does feel out of control, though, certainly it's never out of God's control. Organizing is a better option than many other coping techniques. Right? 

Ahem - of COURSE I know prayer, Bible reading, meditation, worship, exercise also make order of chaos. There is a cushion of calm at the center of my life - and I meet Jesus there many times a day...but today, after spending time with God and exercise - THIS did it for me.  Keeping life real. LOL 

Michael has a happy place too. He haunts the buy/sell free lists....and found dip nets for $40 each. The truck had an accident and Three Bears refused to accept anything in the shipment. They are brand new, not bent or twisted and WAY cheaper than new. We'll buy handles and we're one step closer to dip netting in July.  (BTW keep those salmon ideas and recipes coming). 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Salmon and More Salmon

We went dip-netting this summer and harvested 39 salmon. We qualified for 65, but 39 was wonderful. We didn't get a moose - not surprising as the guys haven't gone hunting. HOWEVER, even just having the salmon in the freezer has been a great supplement to our budget. 

The problem is - I knew one way to cook salmon. Grilled - with lemon and pepper.  Grilling isn't something we want to do weekly in this cold....

...though we have grilled and smoked meat in the winter. 

We have discovered Nolan does not like fish - any way, any time, any place. The others tell me each way is good and I can make it again. LOL  

Jennifer, a friend from church, brought a cheesy fish casserole to a potluck.  This was the first recipe we tried other than grilling. We ate it every week for a couple of months and then I realized I should try to find some more ways to use salmon. ::wink:: 

Cheesy Salmon - photo via google 
Stacia and I decided to try Salmon Divan 

I simply baked it with a garlic herb mixture a couple of weeks - and didn't take photos.  

Honey Mustard Baked Salmon was next. 

Jacque and Jennifer encouraged me to try Salmon Alfredo. 

This week Michael and I made Fish and Chips. 
This is the current favorite, but I'm not fixing it this way every week. Least healthy. 
We've also smoked reds and pinks.  And I've smoked/canned pinks and lake fish - great tuna substitute.

What is your favorite way to cook salmon? Do you have a recipe to share?  I have the recipes for all these and will get around to posting them.  You know, when I am all caught up from the summer of not blogging.  I can't eat salmon with cheese, and I have started eating fish as the doctor wanted me to do so for the cholesterol fighting omega 3's.  I hate to have to sit out the salmon because it's got cheese on it.

Most of the recipes are on my Salmon Recipe board at Pinterest. I'll get them blogged at some point.

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Colorful Footwear

Michael knows the way to my heart is through colorful footwear.  My shoes last decades....seriously. I had four children when I finally got rid of my high-school gym shoes.

 I love new shoes, but I always feel guilty buying them as I have plenty of shoes in my closet. Look what Michael purchased.

Bright, colorful, Slogger,  chicken boots!!!!!!

I AM hard on slippers and they tend to wear out yearly. Look at this wonderful pair he got for me. They are fuzzy on the inside and have lots of bright colors to cheer up the dark winter days....It was a great birthday.

This is the next must-have footwear I'm saving for....they would make fishing so much more enjoyable. I could purchase a utilitarian pair - but why not save up for a pretty pair?

Taking the XtraTuf obsession to new lengths. 
Alaska Meme via Facebook - Thanks, Larissa. 

Friday, March 08, 2019

Tea Party

Any day which contains a moment like the above, is a spectacular day. Annalise is seven weeks old.

Before we got to that delightful moment, the day began early. I have to push to work out Fridays before I leave for the church. But I "got er done." It wasn't a spectacular work out but it was 40 minutes.

Stacia asked if she could bring her school books and come with me to the study. She worked in a side room while we had Bible study.  She suggested we make a girls day of it before going to Bre's for tea.  That saved me a trip back home -  Bre lives in town.  Friday Bible study group is different than Tuesday Bible study group. I love how the Holy Spirit tailors each session to those in the group....and I love both. I am blessed to experience life with both groups. Today, after study, Donna somehow ended up braiding hair....and Stacia benefited. She reports that these ladies are much gentler than Arielle used to be. ::snort::

Stacia had suggested Subway for lunch. I like to get the veggie sub there.....I asked her to consider Vagabond Blues, an option of which she was unaware.  We have many little cafes in town. Michael doesn't much like going to my "girly restaurants" with Stacia hadn't gone to this one. Donna had mentioned the Hungarian Mushroom soup....we ordered a bowl each and it was delicious! I did NOT eat that huge loaf of bread.  I HAVE looked up a couple of recipes to try making this at home - or I could just go to Vagabond after study each week. LOL
Suitably impressed

We shopped around at some of the fun shops downtown, picked up books at the library, looked at a few real estate links Jamin sent, and ended up at BreZaak's for tea.
Almost caught a smile
 I missed Larissa and Krista, yet,  this was the PERFECT way to end a busy Friday at the end of a busy week.
Stacia, Arielle, Benny, BreAnne

I think this is her first tea party! 
 Benny went immediately for a scone. 
Arielle and Bennett aka Benny

Gideon  aka Bubbie
 I still love these plastic tea cups for little ones.....need to get more. 
Isabella aka Bella
Thanks, Bre. We had a lovely time. The kids all seemed to enjoy the break as well.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Thoughtful Thursday

Michael and Alex left for Man Camp today.  It seemed like a good day to bake scones. 

I've been searching for the "perfect" scone recipe.  I planned to bake Brenda's Blueberry scones today; Stacia woke up determined to make Lemon Poppy Seed scones. She had more energy than I and, therefore,  won the honor to actually bake the scones rather than simply planning to bake.
Lemon Poppy Seed Scones

While she baked, I explored my new study Bibles - checking and re-checking 1 John 5 again. LOL Yes, we had discussed this chapter on Tuesday, but I want to be sure I haven't missed anything for our Friday class. 

I searched for months before purchasing a new bible - or bibles as it turned out. I wanted the standard things...but I also wanted the publisher to be owned by either a Christian family or business. In other words, I didn't want the publisher to be the "Christian publishing arm" of x,y,z..... I also wanted large print. I narrowed it down to either the ESV Study Bible or the Fire Bible.  Christian Books had a sale last week. I was able to get both of these for well less than the cost of the ESV would have been at normal price. The ESV was 47% off and the Fire Bible was $15 as it is slightly damaged. I now have a great study Bible from both a Calvinist and  Arminianist perspective. I have already enjoyed the depth of insight from reading both. I'm hoping to get used to the ESV and be able to use the large print when I lead a study. I'm having trouble quickly finding the print in my current Bible. Could be age? 

Arielle and Benny joined us to sample the Scones. We are going to Bre's for tea after Bible study on Friday and are bringing the rest....but they needed sampling.
Benny likes tea parties
We discovered Benny loves lemon scones. LOL

Life Group met tonight without Michael and Alex. We discussed, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."  Ed did a great job guiding the discussion and I'm so glad we didn't miss this week. I am reading, Grace From the Cross, by Kyle Idleman this Lent season. I was able to download the kindle version for $2.99. I have only read the first chapter but it, the Life Group discussion, as well as two 1 John 5 discussions, have given me plenty of spiritual food for thought this week. LOL

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

A Rare Sight

This is a sight I've not seen very often in the past 2 and a half decades. Viva La Retiremente.

He read the book so we could talk it over! 

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Terrific Tuesday

My day began by sharing a beautiful Alaskan sunrise with Arielle. We do not take this for granted. The sun is rising at a "normal" hour, an hour when we can enjoy its rising.....soon it will be rising at  0300.

Arielle was checking to be sure I was on tap to watch Benny today. He was sad to see his Mom and Dad leave for work, but bounced back quickly when I invited him to help me with laundry. 

We came upstairs for a bit and Benny was happy to play with Auntie. The keyboard is usually turned off. Stacia likes to practice with headphones and has only recently begun to practice without them. I really like HEARING the music. Benny was thrilled with the discovery that the big toy in the corner makes NOISE.

How quickly he can turn on the scowl! Shoot this new generation may take the Gherkin scowl to a whole new level. 
 He was not happy when I showed up as he was SURE I would make him stop playing. In truth, I didn't. I just wanted to photograph the moment.

Yuuki whines. Look closely and you'll see Benny sweetly "shushing" her. 

While Benny napped, I worked out and showered. He LOVED his hamburger at lunch. The phone camera couldn't catch it fast enough, but after each bite, he threw his hands in the air and celebrated.

I continued to wrestle some particular challenging passages in 1 John 5 and then left for Bible study. Stacia made dinner again - Apple meatballs and rice.