Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photobucket Thursday School

Nutcracker for Nolan last night. He's doing well considering he's never been in the play and is coming in late. I think he'll get it. His confidence was undermined a bit last night by a few comments directed at him...but I refocused his attention to the comments from the TEACHER. ::snort::

Nolan and I ran by the library last night to exchange books. ::snort:: I was so GOOD and put back a book I wanted to read...only to discover as I checked out that I'd checked it out two weeks ago. ::snort::

Piano Day for the younger 3 students.

The Whale Center of New England has 33 pages of whale photos...very cool. Now we all are really, really missing the ocean! This was a link we found in the "book extras" section of Apologia: Zoology 2. We had read enough that the children knew the terminology used on the site.

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