Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 2 - Green River, UT

We made it. Today was a 13 hour day of driving. WOW. Yesterday was 11 hours and when we arrived at our campground they had had a water main break. We were too tired to drive any further.

We are loving all the family time to visit. Let's see....Quote for the day yesterday....Zander said: "Ummm....Jamin's asleeeeepp" in a sing song voice...."should I wake him UP!"

Today, we visited 4 corners - the spot where CO, AZ, UT and NM meet. We weren't on the interstate until the last 30 minutes of the day - which explains the much LONGER day of travel than expected. Not a lot to see but dirt and rocks today. LOL Really, we drove through some truly ugly land today. I tried to convince everyone that it was "majestic in it's stark details" but between you and I - it was plain ole ugly! ::snort:: I will say that once we got into Utah we did see some AMAZING rock structures. We had fun "seeing" things in them.

We are at a KOA tonight. Swimming pool and all.......Stacia had a huge meltdown that lasted well over and hour. She was overtired and DID spend 13 hours in her car seat today. Mike and the other kids went swimming and I settled her down.

Poor Mike is looking exhausted. This is a LONG trip. We still have 3 days of driving before we reach his parent's home in CA. I sure hope I can share photos by then. They live RIGHT in the Redwoods and it is gorgeous...soon.

We forgot the software from our cameras for uploading photos - so no photos yet. Mike says we'll figure it out - not sure how - but maybe. LOL I'm taking lots of photos.

WOW it is HOT in this part of the country.

We have a family contest to see who guesses the correct number of motorcyclists the most days on our trip. Arielle won yesterday. I won today. Everyone is contributing to a pot of winnings. We saw hundreds and hundreds last year but we took the northern route and it was Sturgis time frame.

Josiah - we miss you.