Friday, November 29, 2019

Friday Shopping, Decorating, Building, Watching Kids

I don't do Black Friday.

However, I woke up at 0500 and I KNEW that Freddie's had a buy one get one free sale on Fisher Price and games...I was awake anyway.

No one else was up.

I headed for Freddie's at 0515. It was the quietest I've seen the store in a long time. I enjoyed it. I wandered the aisles. They had 50% off of Christmas decorations. I got stocking stuffers at 50% off. I got 60% off other items....and spent $40 on toys so I earned free gift cards....and grabbed a sugar free skinny chai latte on my way home.

I walked in relaxed, smiling and enjoying my drink.

Arielle, Krista and Stacia wanted to head back out. I jumped in the shower while Arielle got Benny ready and we headed back to Freddie's. It seems most drive to Wasilla or Anchorage for Black Friday and I'm sure THOSE spots were crazy....I like relaxing deals with few people. LOL

Benny  was quite happy to have "My Baachan, my CoCo, my Yay ya, my mommy" all in the care. He scored a POLICE CAR when we arrived at Freddies!

Someone (Arielle cough cough) insisted that horrendous Christmas sweaters are great to wear. They were 60% off and I could almost envision wearing my gingerbread leggings with my over-sized ugly Christmas sweater - somewhere. 

Cory met up with Arielle and Benny on a break. They managed to buy his Christmas gifts....and Krista bought all she needed for the nephews and nieces. 

Arielle headed over to the house to work on projects.  Among other things she painted interior doors. Cory got home from work around 3:30 p.m. (went in at 0300) and he and Benny headed over to their house too. 

Krista, Stacia and I began Christmas decorating. Stacia and I had to leave before things were all in place and the boxes back in the garage...but the Krista and Stacia got the tree up. 

I KNOW this is a fire hazard...but when it's 47* in NOVEMBER we aren't burning wood, ANYWAY. I've always dreamed of stockings hung with care off a hearth.....until our winter finds its way back from Arizona.....
The generic clearance is for those not living in the home, but here on Christmas...
Michael and Alex cut out, and began building, the partition for our upcoming Christmas float. 

Stacia and I headed over to BreZaak's to watch the kids while Bre and Izaak went to Alive Alaska. 

Michael headed to CoRielle's to help Cory with projects. He put in some baseboard, installed a bathroom vanity and it's plumbing and I'm not sure what else. 

At some point Arielle brought Benny over to play so she could get things done at a quicker pace. We fed the kids dinner, played with numerous toys and watched some rather inane children's programming. ::snort:: 

Cory discovered split pipe which necessitated another Lowe's trip. They picked up Benny for another fun-filled trip to Lowes. 

By now he knows his way around Lowes - photo from Arielle

Bella fell asleep at 9 p.m. Gideon wasn't nearly ready for sleep. Bre arrived home, we said goodbye and stopped to check on the work crew next door.
Benny was excited to stop working and show off the progress. "Baachan, my Papa WORK." 

"Baachan Daddy Cory WORKING." 
Photo via Arielle

"Yay ya - my wall!" He loves his green wall. He's obviously been observing the work carefully. He grabbed a piece of scrap lumber and showed me how to turn it into trim. 
Note the paint on his bum.

As we left he was sweeping the kitchen. 

Arielle said they were taking guesses on when they'll be moving in. I guessed by next weekend....after seeing all they've done and all they have left to may be a couple of weeks...but they are making good progress. Cory put in 12 hours at work and then another 6 or 7 at the house. It looks like a HOUSE now. 

I think there is very little Benny likes better than "working" with Cory. The work is paying off. 
Working together - Great fun. Via Arielle.

Izaak stopped by when he got home to see how all was going. It was fun to hear his report on the evening's church service. I'll have to get a post together about Alive Alaska. I've not been to a service, but the reports are exciting from those who have been able to attend. 

Stacia and I arrived home around 10:30 p.m. Michael followed about 30 minutes later and CoRielle and Benny were later still. 

I'm not sure how Cory is still functioning.