Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Photobucket Mini-Vans or....

Mike is seriously thinking of getting another car for me to drive when I don't need the 15 pass van. The gas is killing us.

I was thinking a Honda Civic. Tonight he mentioned a mini-van so I could take the 5 younger ones with me as needed. I told him I didn't think they got very good gas mileage. He poined out even 20 mpg would be twice as good as what I get now. He plans to begin asking folks as they get into their mini-vans what their gas mileage is. I told him I thought a blog post would give us lots of info too.....without him having to catch folks getting into their vans.

His clunker Honda gets 40 mpg....but I can't drive it well with my aching joints.....

Would those of you with mini-vans leave a note as to what you get for gas mileage, and which one you have? If you have another car that gets over 20 mpg would you leave the info - and how many people it would sit - max with a car seat?

I was sort of pushing for a convertible.....but Mike points out I can roll the windows down and get the wind blown feel, and the roof will save me from sun stroke. ::snort::

Tonight we realized that our two drivers may be staying here when we move so I haven't a clue how we'd get the new car to a new town...but we'll worry about that later......and yes...we'll pay cash for whatever we get, so it has to stay in the IRS refund/stimulus price range. ::snort::



Photobucket FULL DAY

Early in the a.m. I went to the gym with Jamin (17). I love spending time with my young men. He drove us there. He also drove us to base on Sunday, and to work today. I think he'll have his license by the end of the month.

I got home and raced into the shower. Nolan and I ran for the local public school for his speech eval. It seems we have to do this to exit the program......they kept us waiting. Nolan cracked me up as he wore this shirt and smiled shyly at all the children who paraded by us.


You can click here to order your own. ::snort:: Neither of us realized what he was wearing until it was to late. LOL

The therapist was late. They concluded the same as rehab. He has one sound left to master. However, they disagree on the correct plan of action. It appears that there is a window to learn this sound. The lady said she knew Nolan would be disappointed but she felt that he needed more therapy. She had tears in her eyes - I think she really cared. Or maybe I was being more aggressive than I planned. I am NOT the timid new homeschooling, young mom that I was 15 years ago. I asked exactly what they would do differently than rehab, and told her exactly what I would and wouldn't be pleased with. This therapist has over 20 years of experience. She said that she's only seen ONE child master the R sound on their own if they haven't gotten it by 3rd grade. Nolan is finishing up 3rd grade. I have an ARD appointment tomorrow, but I think I will opt for therapy at the local school in the upcoming year.

Josiah blessed my heart greatly today. He asked if he could take Stacia and Zander to the park. The rest of us were able to get a lot of school done while they were gone. I'm sure they made memories with their big brother. We're all glad to have him home more now that he isn't racing to college early each day. Stacia still hasn't stopped talking about the slide and swing.

I took Jared to the gym. I love spending time with my young men.

Mike got home. I love spending time with my old man. ::snort:: ::gasp::

Seriously, Mike and I took Nolan out on a date tonight. We spelled out all the speech options. He likes the idea of going to the local school once a week and working with a couple of others his age on his speech. We're relieved. I thought he'd be very let down. What an answer to prayer. Thanks Diane, our SHS speech therapist, for giving me your opinion. Thanks SHS moderators for praying with me as to how to approach it with Nolan. All is at peace.

Mike is reading the end of The Last Battle to the boys, I think. The house is quiet. Ah.....


Photobucket Healing Promises Winners

Linda McDonald and Lauri (Burnin up the Ice) are winners of Healing Promises.

Note: Please be sure you leave some way for me to contact you when you enter giveaways. If you have an email address set on your profile, or a blog that displays - I can contact you.....if there is no way to contact you, I must draw another winner.

Thanks! I totally forgot about needing to draw a winner for these books until I saw them still sitting in the pile to mail. I went back and don't see that names were ever picked.

I promise to do this on Friday afternoons from now on. LOL


Photobucket Tribute to Military Chaplains - My Savior Lives Military Style


Photobucket Web Publishing

I started this post to simply announce my first "real" post at HSBA.

Schooling without a Schedule, my first monthly article/post about homeschooling a large family can be read at Homeschool Blog Awards (click title).

Web publishing has been a topic around our house and I suddenly reazlied that I've been WEB PUBLISHED. ::snort::

The Vision of His Fingerprints is posted on the PWOC website.

What's in a Title? is also on the PWOC website.