Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Top Three Things - Tuesday

Early this morning I received a text with this photo. And, I KNEW. 
Via Krista's phone

Krista had cleared quarters and was on her way to the airport in Montgomery! Such excitement.

Millie was a bit excited too. "What, you don't WANT me on the leather couch?" 

 I totally understood why I  didn't work out yesterday - but it frustrated me  I didn't figure out how to make it work.  Yes, I'm always open to flexxing and schedule changes....but this week I have about 3 pages of things to get done before Saturday.  I decided, rather than ping ponging around the to do list, I would choose 3 top priorities and make sure they got done.  Time with Jesus and picking up Krista were givens for the day. I chose a walk, paying Dad and our bills (and MAILING Dad's), and emptying and cleaning the Salmon Freezer. 

At the exact moment I settled on 3 Top Things ...my phone rang! Alex needed a ride home from work. I suspected it was a bit early for him to be at work. He spent one more day with antibiotics and around the clock Ibuprofen and Tylenol. I think he's good to go for tomorrow. 

It began to feel like dejavu as my mind spun up on how to make the best out of this trip to town...but rather than run off on 8 errands  because I had to go to town to get Alex....I focused on getting home and working on the THREE TOP THINGS - the PRIORITIES. 

Stacia and Millie joined me for a 2 mile walk. During this walk we encountered a horse...a horse which crossed the street to meet Millie. YIKES. 

It was a nice walk, but my goal for today was at least 5 miles....Sunday's walk was cut short by moose and Monday's walk didn't happen.  I took off to walk another 3 miles. In the end I decided to go another 4 miles, for a total of 6.2 miles...it was such a gorgeous day.

I  told Dad I thank God everyday I am no longer a medically induced vegan during lunch. This had chicken breast and a bit of feta cheese in addition to all the produce and nuts. 

Michael headed off for an appointment. Feeling sufficiently satisfied, I headed to my desk to work on bills. Dad took the opportunity to get out in the GARDEN. He said the corn rows needed hoeing...they did. It's been raining for nearly a week and I need to get in the garden and take care of the wild growth....but the garden did not make the top 3 today. The top 3 are so pressing because the garden has become my favorite place to spend time. LOL  Dad enjoyed it too. 

I had one priority left to give attention to - clean and empty the salmon freezer.  Saturday is the start of our family fish camp 2020....Our immediate family can catch 85 salmon. Josiah and Jamin get 35. BreZaak can catch 65 and CoRielle can get 45 this year.  I think that's 230 fish - though I seriously doubt we all get our limits. Our 65 salmon filled this freezer last year. It's emptied and ready to fill again. No, we are not hoarding. We live at the end of many supply chains and having fish in the freezer means we are at peace living at the end of the supply chain. A moose is on my dream sheet too....and the other freezer will be full of garden produce.

Tomorrow we will see if we can fit this into the RV. LOL 

Michael arrived home and he and I raced out the door for Anchorage. We had a plane to meet. 
Via Krista's phone

We are all thrilled to have our resident Air Force chaplain back in the house. 

As I worked through the 3 top things....my mind found a solution to our dip-netting dilemma. Dad had already informed me I was NOT going to miss dip-netting and I knew I'd need to have a talk with him and let him know that is exactly what was going to happen. He just isn't feeling up to it this year and we totally understand and agree it is best for him to stay home. We brought him here to care for him....I didn't plan on leaving him home alone.  As I worked to get meals ready, RV packed, freezer emptied I realized there would be a hole missing in the team if I'm not there. The beach support and the meal prep person - me.  

Nolan is staying home. He will have the weekend off. He'll be here afternoons and evenings. 

Dad sleeps in and then reads the paper and gets breakfast...there were just a few hours to take care of. I wasn't planning to find a solution, I figured this year I just needed to stay home, until a sister friend told me she knew I hadn't asked her opinion, but  a caregiver needs to keep balance and being at fish camp was important to me and the family.  Dad agrees.

It hit me....CoRielle can't come for all of fish camp this year. Arielle and Benny are happy to come over when GG is ready for company to play, have lunch, picnic for a few hours M-W.  

What do you know? A solution. I talked with Dad. I told him why I worry about leaving him alone. I told him I didn't want him to get bored and that Arielle and Benny would like to come over M-W to spend time with him...and Nolan will be home on the weekend.....he loved the idea.

And so now...the list will shift a bit. I don't have to have quite so much meal prep done by Saturday...I do need to keep moving forward on the list and be sure there is something edible left behind - easy dinner plans for Nolan and Dad.

It's been a good day. I would like to think I could get more than 3 things done in a day...but I was pressing all day to master these 3. I'm not sure if I'll chose 3 or 5 things to finish tomorrow. LOL