Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

We are not doing Tapestry of Grace this week. We want to stay on the same week as the boys. We're doing more one on one with phonics, math and science. We plan to work on lapbooks and hands on projects the next few days.

I had to call Shop Natural and try to find substitutes for the 3 pages of out of stocks that were on our group order. I am not finding any other company that has truck routes out here....

Several ladies dropped by to pay for this week's produce.

Bible Study - only two more weeks of this study on friendship. It's been easy and yet thought provoking and challenging at the same time - if that makes a lick of sense. We had a new lady tonight - always fun. She and her dh will be organizing the chapel's Christmas Shoe Box "campaign" this year.

I turned the corner on my way home from Bible Study and Mike's Honda began clanking...more than usual. He is saying I broke his car - but honestly it would be hard to do much damage to this car. The muffler had fallen.

I'm calling it a night.

World View Camp

I just discovered photos posted of each day from camp on the website. I found Jared - getting ready to jump off of something high and dangerous looking. I can tell that because I saw the photos of the other kids AFTER they jumped, while they hung and bounced in mid air. LOL
Jared is 3rd from the left
The boys will be having 26 hours of lectures on World View. These lecturers are ones who have written books on Worldview/Leadership. They will also be doing LOTS of team building activities and such. Please pray that this week helps their mind to explode with connections between their Bible studies, their course work in school, the teaching we've provided through the years, and the shape of society. This week could be life-changing for them.

Praying for safety may be called for too. ::snort::