Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Day in Grass Valley/ Nevada City

De'Etta is gone for the weekend. She went to the PWOC ladies' retreat so it was just the four musketeers and Dad.  Arielle and Stacia began the day at Target.  They managed to arrive right at opening and found all sorts of princess/ Disney stuff.  Apparently, this is sufficient to already make the whole day a raving success, but we were not done, oh no; we were just beginning.

We set out a little after Arielle and Stacia returned from Target to go to Grass Valley.  There were some RV's I was wanting to look at.  Turns out the one in particular I was interested in sold last week.  Looked at some others, but the one model I was really interested in was not there and would not be there again until sometime in late July.  This is OK.
We found this house in Nevada City near the one geocache we can sort of claim.  It was built around that big rock.  Apparently, the local natives used to lay out on that rock to soak in the sun and get healed. It looks like a nice way to get to feeling better unless it was the middle of Winter...
We found this old fashioned children's wagon alongside the road in front of a Nevada City motel.  Red Ryder wagons did not have anything on these.  This one looked like a lot of fun.  I can hardly imagine how anyone from our modern times would allow any of their kids to even go near it. I am not sure this says good things about our modern times.  We seem to be becoming afraid of our own shadow. Our forebears challenged the untamed wilderness, faced untold deprivations and endured incredible hardships in order to make a new and better life for themselves and their families.  We, on the other hand, complain when the internet goes down for ten minutes, our car air conditioning is not quick enough to cool the inside of our leather upholstered, customized interior automobiles or our toast burns in our computerized toaster.


Went to find a place to eat.  Ended up at a Little League baseball game because they had a picnic table there.  It was fun to see the one girl who was playing hit the ball against the back fence - almost a home run.  The guys kept getting struck out or walked.  Arielle went back to retrieve the car just in time to see this same girl punch some guy on the other team dead in the mouth.  She had definitely caught onto some of the less subtle aspects of the game.

We went geocaching only to fail miserably at finding any.  It was so pathetic, we even asked the woman who owned the land at one of the geocaching sites if it was still there.  If it had not been for her, we would have been skunked.  Saw a few new areas but not a single geocache save the one we got with an assist.

Our one pathetic geocache "find"...

Don't get me wrong.  A good day is not defined by geocaching success, RV findings, or lunch without female violence on the baseball diamond. It is defined by hanging out and having fun with four of my most favorite people.  We are spending the remainder of the evening with Tim Hawkins  Some days are just good that way...