Thursday, July 05, 2007

Day 20 - Juneau to Anchorage AK - 4 July

Quote of the Day: Josiah asked where the trailer was. Zander commented, “It was making it so all the other cars passed us, so we got rid of it!” ::snort:: It is REALLY parked on the storage lot at the local AFB until we are back from our Alaskan adventure.
We got out of Seattle fine. I forgot that we would be boarding first as we have young kids - that’s a nice perk. The flight to Juneau takes two hours. The city lights of Seattle were gorgeous from the night sky.

We landed in Juneau and began our 8 hour layover. Everyone had passed out at the gates, when we were told we’d have to come down to the lower level to spend the night. They DID bring us some airplane pillows and blankets.

We finally arrived in Anchorage at 10:00 a.m. The children traveled wonderfully. It was Jared and Stacia’s first flights.

We’re too tired after the flight and lay over to do much today. We did go out and see our old home. We drove by and took a picture of your home, Lynn. Will email to you. We ran up to the top of skyline for the view, and then out to Dayton and Tammy’s home (Club Beyond/Youth leaders). Then we bought a few groceries and went in search of our apartment. It’s um…hmmm….the verdict is still out. ::snort:: As an idea of our adventure….we are neighbors with the Hell’s Angel’s Motorcycle Club. ::snort:: We had dinner and then drove to Ship Creek and Kincaid Park. Then we came home and crashed.
(Thanks Summer for the tip about the free wi fi at the BX LOL).
Day 19- Spokane, WA - Juneau/Anchorage AK - 3July

Quote of the Day: “Why is that lady wearing a BAG on her?” - Burkha. Seattle is much more cosmopolitan than our little W TX town. ::snort::

A travel day…..a bit over 5 hours to make it to Seattle. We hit rush hour and so were glad we had extra time. We were told that Cy’s flight was late and he wouldn’t be in for a few hours. We headed for the Golden Arches so that the kids could run off energy - I don’t think it has really happened. They seem pretty energetic to me as I type. ::snort::

We had just sat down with our food when Josiah called. He was at the baggage claim. Mike ran and got him and we had dinner. Then up to the airport to run through the security gamut so that we can sit for an hour before boarding the plane. The older ones are TIRED and the younger ones are hyper….should be interesting.

OH YES - visited a friend’s son at Teen Challenge before we left Spokane. Awesome, encouraging visit. God is on the move. I think He’s always on the move - but this time we were blessed to clearly witness Him at work.

Day 18's entry is lost. I'll have to try to find it again. LOL
Day 14- 17 CONVENTION Spokane, WA
28 June - 1 July (Photos will follow - sometime)

Quote of the Week:
Lots of remember when type comments….. The funniest to me personally has to do with folks not remembering me. One night, I needed out of our aisle and it was apparent that folks were tired of letting others out…so I told Mike I was going over the top of the chairs. He watched in amusement as I began to climb over seats. I was half over the first set when a lady said, “De’Etta T…. is that YOU?” and by the time I got to the back of the room THREE folks had recognized me. How funny that they didn’t recognize me with a name tag….but when I began climbing over chairs something clicked!

I’ll try to summarize convention in one entry rather than take it day by day. We had a blast. It was exhausting and exhilarating. We’ve not been able to make it to a conference for over 10 years. We’ve learned the “system” now. Another chaplain explained how she approaches it. It appears that most travel on orders like Mike did this time….and we will certainly be attempting to do this again.

New Direction:
Our denomination is in a process of redefining structure. I won’t go into that as it won’t interest most of y’all….but it was exciting to us. We believe the new direction is Biblical. We were thrilled to see the team spirit and Christ-like spirit exhibited in the long and grueling business meetings necessary to change denominational by-laws.

New Leaders: What a blessing to see so many young emerging leaders. This gives me great hope for our denomination. The young uns are stepping up and the seasoned pastors are graciously mentoring. Too cool!

Children’s Activities: Superb job! I was worried about Zander. The girls had paved the way well and these folks were wonderful with him. He went to the children’s activities, he wore a wrist band that identified he had food allergies and they only let him eat from the little goodie cooler that I sent with him daily. He, Nolan, and Arielle were in this program. They were busy all day!!!! They had devotions, Bible Studies and cool field trips every day. They went to parks, roller skating, u-pick farms, petting zoos, and a lion/tiger zoo.

Nursery: Jared and Jamin took turns in the nursery with Stacia. All tried to win her over. Near the end of the week she was coming around but then the convention was over. Krista supervised the nursery so the boys got to visit with her during the services…..

Master’s Commission: We were blessed to see several worship tools that the girls participated in. MC students also wore the backbone of the work force to pull off the convention. It was wonderful to see them serving.

Friends: I got to visit several times with my sister/friend Julie. I reconnected with college friends I’d lost contact with. Betty, was a dear college friend and I got to meet her husband and little daughter. I lived with Gary and Joneille when I returned from the Philippines for college ahead of my family. Mike and Mona were part of our “game nights” when we were in college. Fun to see everyone again.

New Dreams: God lovingly deposited new dreams and visions into our hearts. Encouragement galore. We felt very loved and cared for.

Speakers: Rick C from Canada spoke on the 12 foundation stones of Open Bible. It was a good reminder. Ron Luce, founder of Teen Mania/Acquire the Fire was a speaker. Awesome stuff. Lloyd Ziegler (?), founder of Master’s Commission International in Phoenix was here. He was great as well. He and other are conducting a 3 day MC convention that began the day after the National convention ended. Busy week for those local MC students.

Family: Of course, having Mom and Dad and all the children in the same city was BIG. Saying goodbye was tough - but I’m not up to that point in entries yet, am I? ::snort::
Day 14- Spokane, WA - June 28, 2007

Quote of the Day:
"It's dangerous to wear a shirt in Spokane with G (our last name) on the back of it." Jamin's observation after being stopped over and over by folks who know the girls. LOL

Jamin and Jared felt well enough to go to Silverwood Theme Park today with the other youth from the convention. We didn’t know that it was a water park too. Mike and the boys arrived early because they knew they had to buy tickets - they had time to go buy swim wear.

While they were gone, I began laundry…..which continued all morning. $12.50 to do 5 loads of laundry. I need to do laundry about every 3rd day. Ugh.

We had lunch and then set out to explore the KOA that we “almost” stayed in. It IS to far from the convention….but it did look nice. As Mike drove along a country road connections popped up and down and we were able to access long enough to find waypoints to about 6 caches.

We found a great cache with darling stuffed animals inside. We chose this one to be our trailer mascot. Cool. We would really like to hide some of our own caches…but I think we are too new to all this to do it “right”. Most the caches in our area seem to be hidden by 2 or 3 folks. Tied for the coolest cache of the day is one that was made to look like a sewer clean out. It was flush with the ground and covered by a rock.

Stacia napped in the van….we headed to Wal-Mart to buy a few more essentials. I need to buy milk and produce daily. ::snort::

We are meeting a lot of full time RVers…’s fun to visit with them about their lifestyle. Several have mentioned that they’ve met lots of home school families who are full time Rvers. Hmmm….not sure Mike could live with hitting his head on the bathroom doors or the hatch over the bed full time. ::snort:: Not sure *I* could deal with a micro kitchen full time. BUT we are seeing the appeal of a lifestyle like this…..though I can’t help wondering…..I dream of settling down in one spot, planting a garden and plants and living in the location long enough to see results……and full time RVing would sort of negate that dream…..but I’ve lived my entire life moving every 2 - 4 years - not sure I’d like all those roots anyway. ::snort:: There is something to be said for not having a big mortgage and being able to see new areas of the country. I have a dear high school friend whose family took off in a boat - to live. They decided about a year into it to move back to land….it was a GREAT experience but they found that it was hard to fulfill the Great Commission type ministry/relationships with a totally nomad lifestyle….Anyway - lots to think about.
Day 13 - Spokane, WA - June 27, 2007

Quote of the Day:

The girls dropped over last night. They brought a friend, Molly. It was wonderful to see them again. I’m going to try to find a wi fi connection to check the mail and update the blog.

We dropped by the Red Lion to see if we could register for convention. They were still setting up tables. We ran into the director of Chaplain Ministries for Open Bible (our denomination). Mike and John made good use of the time catching up on the past year.

My folks called as they were entering town, they‘re attending convention too. We met at the church where the girls are serving, and took them out to lunch. What a joy to see them. It wasn’t such a joy to hear that they plan to stay here this summer and find jobs…though it was expected. We did raise them to be logical, responsible, and debt free. ::snort:: At 22 and 20 they are certainly old enough to make their own decisions. They will both be serving internships with Master’s Commission next year, and continuing their leadership/admin/Bible School type education. They plan to work this summer and hopefully their bosses will be willing to work with their wild schedules in the fall. It will be fun to watch them serve at convention. They’ll be in a lot of human videos. Krista is in charge of care for children 0 -2.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel and registered for convention.

Jared and Jamin are both sick today. We left them out at the trailer. I’m currently sitting in a parking lot at Fairchild AFB, while Mike talks to them about renting a spot for the trailer to stay while we head to AK. We’ll then hit the commissary/BX and head back to the trailer to check on the boys. Wow - discovered that regardless of “orders from General Mosley”, each base commander does his own thing. We were told to remove our vehicle’s base stickers in TX…but HERE you still need stickers….so that took some more time at the visitor center. Stacia and Arielle are napping. I like the idea of not advertising we are military on our car. The girls had some minor trouble with vandalism to their car related to the military stickers.

It’s been fun to be incognito. I GREW UP in this organization…but since our ministries have kept us out of the mainstream of the group….i.e. there are usually no Open Bible churches where we are stationed, we’ve not been able to get away for conference, most don’t recognize me. BUT they recognize MIKE - what’s up with THAT? The fun of this is that I recognize folks from my childhood and yet, THEY don’t know who I am. Of course, when Mom and Dad arrive and they see us together my cover will be blown. I did run into two old friends earlier….our youth leader’s wife and a childhood friend - THEY recognized me…..Had a great time “introducing” myself to my childhood pastor and his wife. I forget that some have maintained those relationships in the sense that they are still working in the same areas, same churches, same authorities…..we change most those things every 2 - 4 years. ::snort::

Mike is back - more later and some day I’ll find a wi fi and upload some of this. ::snort::
We ended our day with a big picnic of convention goers at a local park. Fun. The park is great. They had a duck pond which we enjoyed as we left the area.
Day 12 - June 26th
Gas in Troutdale, OR Mt Hood, OR

Multnomah Falls, OR Barge towing its own lighthouse

Adavantage to traveling with a trailer - roadside pit stop - VERY close to the semis
Umatilla, OR
Day 12 - Springfield, OR to Spokane, WA
June 26, 2007

Motorcycle Lotto:
Jared is the winner today. I think we have a new accounting system in the works for the results…stay tuned.
Quote of the Day: We are now officially OFF leave and ON TDY (temporary duty).
What a night. Zander got sick. He began to throw up late last night. He’s the first child we’ve had who threw up IN HIS SLEEP.

We got out of Springfield 15 minutes early! That was amazing as Kirk, a friend from youth group all those years ago, dropped by to visit when he saw the trailer at the church’s parking lot with Alaska plates. He’s an assistant pastor.

Arielle was a bit under the weather today. Zander slept most of the day in the van. No more throwing up - but the tropical trots began. Jared is feeling “iffy” but seems “ok”.

We are now waiting for the girls to show up for a quick visit. Their schedules this week are going to be crazy as they are support help for putting on the convention. Our “home” for the next week is a stone’s throw from the freeway. It’s a beautiful park…but I’m shocked that folks stay here LONG TERM….the noise would get to me…something about sitting in the shade, roses at your shoulders and exhaust at your back. ::snort:: They have clean facilities and a nice playground. They are 10 minutes from the hotel where convention is and 15 - 20 minutes from the church. They do nickel and dime you to death here….for instance wi fi has been free at all parks that advertised it…here it is $7 a day. Mike is thinking about moving - but we shall see.
We drove through some beautiful country and some not so beautiful country too. ::snort:: Here are some scenes.

Day 11 - Springfield, OR June 25, 2007

We decided NOT to have today be a driving day. Arielle and I are both still ill. Poor Arielle threw up off and on until about 3:30 a.m. and then has slept all day. I’ve been sleeping and talking through waves of cramps and nausea.

Mike and the boys did various odd jobs around here for Dad. It’s great to see him up and about now that he’s nearly recovered from his hip surgery. He saw the doc again today and is released for “sedentary” work - not the correct adjective for truck driver. ::snort:: The doc says up to another year for recovery. Thanks for your prayers during the past year for Dad, continue.

We’ve had various ones stopping by throughout the day. We’ll see many of them again in Spokane at the conference. A highlight was my oldest brother dropping by.

Mike took the boys to the park….so the girls could keep sleeping….maybe in peace.

Day 10 - Crescent City, CA to Springfield, OR
Monday - 25 June 2007

Motorcycle Lotto:
Mike is the winner today.

Quote of the Day: From Zander, “Mom, there’s a picture of you marrying JARED!” as he checked out Mom’s photo collection and saw the one Mike and my wedding. ::snort::
Saying goodbye is always tough. We all said goodbye late to the G’s Saturday night. Mike and Jamin ran back over to the house to deliver some photos that had finished printing in the night and to bring the row boat back up to Mom and Dad G’s garage.

We left our campsite late. We had an uneventful drive to OR. Beautiful scenery, redwoods, mountains, valleys, Smith River, Umpqua River, Willamette Valley.

It’s been a habit for over 24 years to stop at Rice Hill for Umpqua ice cream when we drive between OR and CA. We stopped.

We had planned to park in front of Mom and Dad T’s house, but there wasn’t quite enough room. The children and I visited with Mom, while Mike and Dad went to check the two RV Parks in town. It turns out that both were “seedy” and not ones Mike would stay at.
My brother, Nate, his wife, and two children dropped by and we had an impromptu BBQ.
We are now parked in the lot of my home church - one of the sending churches for my parents for years and years. It’s actually a very secluded and quiet nook that Dad and Mike found for us.
I felt ill all day (which is why I forgot to pictures last night). Turns out I have a fever. Arielle began throwing up as we left Mom and Dads…..we’ve decided to be a day late into Spokane and to give all sickos a day to rest….while the rest play. Praying no one else gets sick as the rest of this week will be taken up with conference…..

Can't get the mouse to work here - so - photo one - gas in Cave Junction, OR, Photo two - RICE HILL! LOL
We are in ALASKA!

I'm not having luck finding connections. I had thought I'd simply skip the entries I've written....afterall most our family KNOWS what we are doing and who else would want to read daily trip updates???? But I've been told that some want eventually....when I have a good connection long enough to upload photos, I'll upload those entires.

Mike and the boys are buying fishing licences. We're at the BX and this is a FREE HOT SPOT now! Yippee!

Alaska is magical! Our apartment It's next to the Hell's Angel Motorcycle association clubhouse. ::snort::

Let me see if I can upload some entries.