Friday, January 03, 2020

Christmas Shopping & More

I didn't take a single picture until this evening.

 Dad opted to stay home. Nolan worked. Krista, Stacia and Alex drove in to JBER (Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson). Krista will begin drilling soon as a reserve chaplain with a unit based at JBER and needed to pick up a new uniform she was having readied. 

This left just Michael and I. I spent time studying this a.m. and we went CHRISTMAS SHOPPING around 11:30. This is a great time for Christmas shopping.  Our immediate family gift exchange is Sunday afternoon. By 3:30 we were done with shopping and ready for lunch. 
Michael is actually GOOD at wrapping gifts! I am not. 
Michael suggested Red Robin - always a win. We ran into Ed and Jennifer. Yay. Couple time + friend time + SHOPPING = rest, renewal, connection. 

I absolutely love our chaotic home and pace, but I do miss "alone" time with Michael...even if we fill it watching young friends or Christmas shopping. LOL the last two days have been rejuvenating. I think we may need to schedule dates this year. One year we went on weekly dates, we alternated single dates with double dates. It was a great year.

Michael dropped me at BreZaak's for my weekly play-date with Bella and Gideon. 
Bella and Gideon 

We were having a tea party when the DOOR OPENED! I picked my heart up off the floor and discovered Stacia had come to help. I locked the door after her. Bella made my day. Evidently, she was eager for evening to come...."Grandma is my friend." She greeted me with a request for a tea party. I'm always game!
Tea with the grands!
I love the lazy week between Christmas and resuming a  normal routine.