Monday, August 28, 2017

Mako Came to Visit

Mako came to visit and brought Maria (Marie) along with him. 

Maria was a God-send. It was fun to host her, to have friends visit, and feel that maybe this ISN'T the end of the world and we will see friends again. She jumped into the chaos.She helped unpack boxes, fix dinners, put things away. It was great to have her here for two weeks.

Friends who are willing to visit and WORK, though we did try to play a bit, are a blessing.

House Projects #293....

Jamin came over to help us with projects this morning. He thought they'd be sealing the deck, but we surprised him. He helped get photos on the wall. This continues to be a challenge - we have way more photos and quilts to hang than wall space. πŸ˜ƒ I have been asked not to hang anything. I'm not quite as precise as others. Note the masking tape procedure.....It works. 

Nolan and I were looking at the pile of things we couldn't put up and an idea was born! Boom - thinking outside of the box - using unused space.

Our mower has still not arrived. The grass is getting ridiculous. We have a project coming up outside, so the boys took the weed eater and tamed this portion of the yard. 

Arielle is a great supervisor (and photographer). She's entering her 3rd trimester.

These two continue to split wood. 

I keep dreaming one day we'll unpack a box, or hang a photo and realize, "It's done. We're moved in." We could be there by now, but unexpected projects have combined with expected pre-winter projects to keep us busy.

We've decided the chicken coop will have to wait until spring. We want to have a coop and yard built, (a garden fence built etc) before we start those projects.

We would like to fix the retaining wall and add pavers outside the basement french doors before winter. It will be easier for shoveling snow.

This week we plan to focus on getting the RV set up well for winter.

I'm not sure the patio/hot tub and sauna will get done before winter - but it sure would be nice. 😏