Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Did School.

Answered lots of phone calls - last day to call if you want produce this week. {g}

Visited with a neighbor - yippee....still smiling at her news.

Ran to Walmart...I bought some smaller Capri pants. I found one last drawer I'd not gone through since last year....shorts...all far to big. I'll have to try to find some shorts but for NOW Capri's and such are just fine. I don't want short shorts....and down here that seems to be the kind they have a lot of. LOL

We are planning a big party; I think we'll do it in a few weeks. This party will celebrate 7 birthdays/lives (Mike, Mine, and 5 boys). I've been running errands and calling to find info on that. We're thinking we may rent out a big skating fun center and invite families.....we're trying to decide on a local charity that we'd like folks to bring things for, instead of gifts. I'm also trying to figure out how many people to plan for - always hard to guess.

While at Walmart I picked up some training pants for Stacia. She ISN'T ready for this but I have to do something. It is not good for her to pull off her diaper all the time...and it is NOT good for her to steal Zander's whitey tighties. He's very indignant about this. I couldn't resist the hat - and here she is (with a little help from Jared) showing off her finery.


My dear sweet neighbor, Kathryn, came over just now. We've been praying for her husband Bill to come to know Jesus. He HAS. Yes, yes, yes!!!! A true homecoming in the neighborhood. I'm so excited...she has been praying for this for years. I told her that I have had such a sense of expectancy that 2007 was going to be the year. God is so very faithful!

Iditarod Update

"Twelve tough dogs and one irrepressible musher were Monday vying to do the impossible -- win the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest International Sled Race and 1,100-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in the same year."

We're rooting for Lance Mackey - the musher trying to do the above. Jeff King and Martin Buser appear to be fading. King said it would be "magical" if Mackey wins. It appears to be a race now between Lance Mackey and Paul Gebhardt for the finish in Nome - maybe tonight.

Jeff King crosses the Kaltaq Portage (?) - photo courtesy of www.adn.org/iditarod