Monday, February 23, 2015

Fellowship Sunday!

They look pretty good!
Once a month Beale Protestant families prepare a mountain of food and converge on the Far West family for Fellowship Sunday. Maria does a great job of  organizing us. I did my part with a big vegetable salad, brownies, chili san carne, and vegan black bean brownies.

We went to Sunday School.

We helped set up for the potluck.

Ch. Tim T looks so wise after returning from Chaplain School
We all love Mara - She's content with Ch. Brenner

Maria (2nd from L) and Cynthia (R) faithfully work behind the scenes each month
Holly, center R is Ch. Tim's wife

The potluck was followed with a Protestant Advisory Council (PAC) meeting.

We did a bit of clean up after that and headed home for a quick breather before....

We headed out in the evening to cheer on Matt as he was ordained as a minister of the gospel. This is a big step in Matt's  dream to become an Air Force chaplain. I'm amazed at his determination to finish a bachelors, and an MDIV while working overtime as an ACTIVE DUTY member of the Air Force.  We all know this has required sacrifice from the entire family. Well done!  We are praying God makes the way forward clear for this family. I would love to see them in the chapel corps.
Joy, Matt, Rachel (Eliana due in July), Zack
Nathan, Seth
As a side note it was a fun run up to Lodi.  We were very impressed with Noah's Park at The Home Church.