Thursday, August 23, 2007

Working Poll!!!!

There you have it. I finally gave up on blogger. I saw that KATHY had a poll on her wordpress blog. I clicked the link and wala! A poll that works.

For those who were enjoying the mystery poll as to why it wouldn't work - you voted overwhelmingly that blogger hates me. ::sniff::

I'm not sure why the box is so long or white - but I'll play with it more later. Maybe.

Michael and Jared are still not home. I'm quite sure that CAP was over hours ago - that can mean only one thing - something had to be finished at the office. ::snort:: Ah well - I got MORE cuddle time and blog time as well.
Just Thursday

Quote of the Day: "Uh, Mom? Jared forgot his pants!" ::snort:: This shocking discovery was made as we drove home from dinner and dropping Jared at CAP. Someone didn't notice that Jared changed into a uniform.

I crashed today. I'd be hard pressed to list anything that I accomplished. I'm sure there's something - folded laundry, did dishes, made beds, watched a movie with the fantastic four, took the kids to visit Dad for a bit and dropped Jared at CAP, ran the stuff by Sherri's since I missed her yesterday, weighed some Rapadura, cleaned out a cupboard that exploded when I opened it....I actually cuddled and held Stacia a lot today....I barely saw her I said...we CRASHED.

But I didn't work out. I got ready to and simply couldn't make myself.

I didn't cook dinner - we had BK.

I had hoped to make some freezer meals - but didn't. My well stocked freezer is already looking frosty again and I have only 3 loaves of bread left.....time to get serious.

I'm mostly TIRED. I doubt we will begin school on Monday. I need more time to pull it all together.

Do I feel bad about today? Not really. I only wish I'd slept too. ::snort::

This has become my parenting, schooling, life motto since the girls grew up and moved out....

Isn't it a great little towel? I found it at Kobuks in Anchorage and HAD to purchase it. I look at it daily and always smile and remember: it's the little things that matter.

I got a card today from Bre. It made me cry. She talks about it being a rainy day...she had the kettle on, was preparing a cuppa tea, had the candles lit, jazz music on and it reminded her of many of our afternoons. She imagined what we'd be doing on a day like that and she was RIGHT. She missed me. She wrote just to share her rainy day with me. It's the LITTLE things like that that matter over a no, I don't feel bad about setting aside everything today to cuddle and play with the fabulous four. I went right away to put the kettle on - but it loses some of the charm when it's so HOT outside....maybe I'll turn the AC down real low and brew a pot for after bed time tonight....

I guess I spent the day savoring the blessing of having little ones at home while the big ones have moved on. . . and being a tad bit lazy...alright already... a LOT lazy.


Cecil - the t-rex who lives under Zander's bed.....he is very naughty. He cuts grandma T's flowers, he picks Grandma G's green plumbs before they can ripen, he doesn't make his bed, tips over the dogs water....and it looks like he may have cut Stacia's hair. We aren't sure but no one else is confessing. We think if she'd done it herself it would angle up. I've been saying for weeks that she has the strangest growing hair....and then we noticed.....hmmm....the short part is perfectly straight across and looks cut....

THIS is 33 lbs of Rapadura. It's a barely processed sugar cane. I use it in things like no bake cookies, cookies and such where I haven't figured out a good way to use honey and get the texture I like. You can measure it straight across in recipes. It has a toffe/molasses flavor. Here's a close up.....Yikes - whose finger prints are those??? ::snort::
Just thought someone may wonder....

Yes, I was supposed to draw yesterday - but I forgot. ::snort::

This weeks' winners are:

Jodi - *The Well Trained Mind*

Kelly *How to Save Money Every Day"

Ladies, send me your addresses and I'll get the boons on their way to you.

One more book giveaway on Saturday! Our Summer Challenge is coming to an end.
Wonderful Wednesday
Quote of the Day: "Can I have a ticket for sleeping?" or "Thanks, Mom for coming with me."

Yes, I know it's Thursday but I had no time to blog last night. ::snort::
Good grief this got long - reader's digest version if you can't read it all: Josiah registered for classes. I was gone from 7:30a.m. to late last night....with a brief hour at home. I don't like running all day. LOL
The day began with Curves. Feeling that I'd not sweated enough, I followed that with my Step Video. I quickly called in our produce co-op order. Then ran out the door with Josiah.
Josiah had a group meeting with the Advisor from the Business Dept at the University yesterday. I asked if he wanted me to come - I was perfectly fine going or not. He said yes. I WAS told that I couldn't take photos of my baby at college. ::snort:: BUT since we showed up 10 minutes early and no one else had arrived.....
Note the boring decor. I, personally, think you would hold folks' attention better with a bit more inspiration in the decor...but who am *I*? ::snort:: BTW no one else had showed up at 10:00 when the Prof walked in. He took us back to his office and we met with him privately. When we left there were 3 others who had showed up late waiting to meet with him. LOL This proved his point to Josiah about "standing out among your peers if you take intiative and stay organized". Note - I'm seriously wondering if I can sneak in and get a "first day of school" photo of Josiah. We have none of those "first day at school" things as the kids never LEFT for school....I should have taken photos each year - maybe I did and I've simply forgotten but I'll be sure from here on out....maybe we'll rent a bus so we can get those cool getting on the bus, looking back at Mom shots...LOL
The advisor was very encouraging. He said that Josiah would do well in college, as homeschoolers know how to take initiative and own their education. He agreed with Josiah and Michael that he should only take a couple of classes this semester and see how that goes with working 40 hours. Then he can take more classes and know how much of his work load he'll need to adjust to succeed. I'm the "charge ahead full speed" type and thought "go for it" but wisdom of the males prevailed. ::snort:: Since Josiah is paying for this completely out of his pocket, he is very determined to get good grades and doesn't want to take more classes than he can handle. We discussed the paying for it yourself thing. The advisor loved this aspect of "owning your education" by paying for it - but also pointed out that with one more class he could have aide in paying for it (which we've already applied for in January). We shall see what happens next year. I certainly applaud the determination of a son who wants to pay for his bills, pay his way and save up to support a one income family. I'm not at all disparaging his goals. He's a very wise young man and we are content to let him make these decisions.
Then we began the maze. Lifting the hold by turning in a military dependent paper so he can pay in state prices. Registering for classes. Getting a campus one card. Getting a parking permit and schedule etc. He's in. All the paperwork from NARHS etc arrived on time. Shew.....
The sweetest moment of my day is that alternate quote above....We talked about how it was a huge switch to go from homeschooling to this campus that you have to DRIVE around....and that I knew it would probably be a bit overwhelming and didn't mind coming with him. We had a great time being together and visiting...and I realized anew what a wonderful young man he's become. I'm so GLAD he's staying close to home. Why do they all eventually leave home???? ::snort:: ::gasp:: ::sniff::: No! Self, think ahead to Christmas and more children via the in-law system, and grand babies...don't think about goodbyes.....
Did we learn something? Yes. Michael and I take a hands off approach when our young adults are deciding what to do after graduation. We offer advice when asked, (and they always ask)but we don't do the work for them or push them in any one direction. Why? Because we know how important it is that they learn how to hear God's voice in these decisions. This is the first really big adult decision they will be making and we want them to have confidence that they can hear from God....and when it gets tough that confidence that THEY heard this direction and that they PRAYED over it will hold them in good stead. By this time we have seen with all three that have graduated that they ARE capable of hearing His voice....We have chosen to lower the volume of our voice so it doesn't clutter their mind while they seek His voice. Josiah had said he'd NEVER do college. That was fine with us. He changed his mind. That was also not a problem. My stance had been "if you aren't doing college, I need to teach you everything NOW" so his transcript was perfectly fine for switching gears. He spent quite a bit of time going back and forth between college and Master's Commission for this year. The "paperwork" for going to college got put off. I told HIM to apply etc if he wanted to go. I stand by my stance, but NOW the others will know if you wait until the very last minute, you may not get all the classes you want at the nice times you want! LOL I doubt we'll DO the applying or push much more, but in the future we'll be more aware of deadlines... He's been saving all year to pay for insurance, car, and he was in good shape.
OH - he DID get all his classes on MWF and in times that will not affect his work schedule. BUT we saw how many classes were closed this late in the game.
Now - here's where I WOULD change something. Because he insisted he was going to own a fishing guide business, I didn't push the SAT etc on the normal schedule. He took it this year - a full two years after he'd completed Saxon Alg 2. I'm convinced Algebra leaks out if you don't keep using it....and so he didn't score well on that part of the test. He has to take the "developmental" math - which is pre-algebra. I am certain that a month into this class algebra will pop back up on the screen from the depths of where it is hiding and he'll sail through the class. He made A's in Saxon Alg 1 and 2.... From now on, tell me you aren't going to college, and you will still take those SAT's and such in your Soph/Jr years.... That is a new family non-negotiable. LOL
Books - for 3 classes.....USED $298.00. Can you believe it? I'll quit griping about homeschool high school texts. 4 books - $300 - ridiculous!

That thin PAPERBACK history book (second in stack) $75.00 used. The Prealgebra? $98. Those other two over $50 a piece. We laughed when we saw Killer Angels at $10 USED - two reasons....the price and we have it at home and he read it as a Jr. LOL I think he'll do fine.

So - that took longer than we thought and I got home with just enough time to run off again. I spent the afternoon running errands. I had to pick up meds at base, deposit Project Officer money at the chapel's bank, turn in forms at the chapel, drop off a payment for our storage unit, drop off a gift and borrowed swimsuit at a friends, and I tried to drop off some other things at another friends.

I got home around 4 p.m. There were a host of phone messages and I need to sort through them. LOL

Last night Debbie and I ran over and kidnapped Mandy. I HAD my camera but was so tired I forgot to take pictures. I guess we'll have to do it again. It was fun to grab her unawares. She told us she had a hot date with Marty at 7:00 and we'd have to be back by then. Marty said, "No - they ARE your hot date." I'm guessing we were a disappointment - but we did have fun. ::snort:: Mandy's first child went to college this past weekend. Her baby begins kindergarten on Monday. It seemed like a good time for some "friendship intervention".

It was a FULL day. I walked in the front door as Mike walked in the back door (on the cell phone). I don't know how Michael does these days ALL the time. The day made me so grateful that I am a stay at HOME mom. Debbie and I joked about that. She works full time. I told her I don't know HOW she does it. Being out all day exhausted me. However, even homebodies must have an errand day from time to time.

OK - so who besides my mom managed to read all this???


Today's Proverb is full of more characteristics to search for in a friend - and to pray for in myself. Again, I believe that we can be "friendly" with folks who have these characteristics....but that they should not be my most intimate friends. I'm still not sure that these are commands that MUST be obeyed at all costs...but they are certainly wise and I see the benefits of following them....and the character traits mentioned are surely ones that will result as I surrender daily and walk by the Spirit.

23:6 - 8 Do not eat the bread of a selfish man, or desire his delicacies for as he thinks within himself so he is. He says to you, eat and drink, but his heart is not with you.You will vomit up the morsel you have eaten, and waste your compliments.

23: 9 Do not speak in the hearing of a fool, he will despise the wisdom of your words.

I must be careful that *I* do not despise the wise words that others share with me.

23:20 Do not be with heavy drinkers of wine or with gluttonous eater of meat

(Note no where in the original Hebrew does it mention CHOCOLATE!) ::snort::
Friendship in Proverbs 22

22:11 He who loves purity of heart and whose speech is gracious, the king is his friend.

Solomon (I'm assuming) looks for those who are gracious and pure of heart in order to form relationships. I must too. I must also surrender to the work of Christ to become this type of person.