Thursday, April 22, 2010

The day began with quiet hours working on retreat sessions. Thanks, Michael, for the tip about thinking of it as ONE BIG MESSAGE rather than five messages. That helped - it's all about the mind. ::snort::  I've got 3.5 of the messages ROUGHED out - and that means - rough. LOL

Annette invited Renee, Connie and myself over for breakfast. I love these gatherings and Annette is the "hostess with the mostess".  She's amazing. Renee will be leaving us until 12 June, it was a nice time to relax and visit before she leaves.

I went to the chapel and FOUND the ONE medal dec that Mike needed. I can't find the rest, but who really cares?

Stopped by the commissary.

I went to the post office and discovered TEN packages. A book to review LAST WEEK, school books and a necklace.  I've been very happy with the service from Academic Success for All Learners.  They make the "I See Sam" books that several have recommended I try with Zander.  Unfortunately, it appears I put the starter set in my basket now I'd really like to find someone local to sell set 1 and set 2 too.....

Zander read book one today.....and was quite pleased with himself....all old sounds he knows. I'm going to have to look to see how they mesh with the "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons". I figure the review is sure to be a confidence builder.  The starter set came with "tutor instructions" - guess I'd better read them tonight.
We did school after lunch.

I visited with Windy about some retreat registration "stuff".

We had dinner and then welcomed Akikosan for Japanese Lessons. Wow - it's getting complicated. The grammar is totally opposite of English. For instance.... "What is your favorite at McDonald's," is literally translated, "Your McDonald at what favorite is"? I mastered this phrase in Japanese....may be more useful than learning how to ask a gal to the club for sake. ::snort::

 Our homework promises to  be  fun. We have to write Hiragana phrases (and that's not so fun), then she'd like us to go to Maku and pick out our dai suki meals. (McDonald's - favorite meals). I'm to try HER favorite and tell her what I think, "Sunnyside Terriyaki burger and potato/bacon pie".

 I told her this sounded like a huge cholesterol attack waiting to happen. I can't imagine what she's talking about. Of course, we'll have to go investigate.

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