Monday, August 25, 2008

Photobucket Arielle's Excitement....

Observant blog readers will have noticed that Arielle took to wearing Mike's glasses a lot on our vacation.

I took her to the optometrist today.

"What makes you think your daughter has a vision problem?"

"She keeps wearing her father's glasses when she wants to see things."


Arielle is a classic case of near-sightedness....guess that often develops between 11 - 12 years of age. Both her older sisters have glasses/contacts....none of the boys....and I need READING glasses. LOL

The doc said she could use them as often as she liked.....and so far Arielle hasn't taken them off. She's enjoyed games, reading signs, watching a movie.

Umm....not quite right... ::snort::
Much Better

Stacia said, "Arielle, your glasses BEUUUUUUUTIFUL! Did Mom buy them?"
That little stinker is eating a Yummy Earth, all fruit lolipop on my BED....busted.

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Photobucket Giveaway Winners

The following 3 women will each receive a children's book (detailed on 8-18). Lisa B., Diann and Sheri. (Florabelle - Zander said that's the name he drew.) I'll be emailing you today.

The Healing Choice will be mailed today, ladies.

Choosing Joy's 3rd anniversary is coming up - look for some fun the week of Labor Day......and beyond.

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