Monday, October 31, 2022

Apples and an Unexpected Playdate

My goal in this new week is to turn six cases of Ambrosia apples into 80 quarts of applesauce.  I had hoped to start the project last week, but it was simply too busy. 

I was off to a good start when I got a call from BreAnne. The kids have had pink eye. Bella developed a "thing" in her eye which I'd never seen with pink eye. The doctor told her to bring her in today. He was surprised and said he had never seen it before either. He referred her to an ophthalmologist. 

They were getting her in today - and I was off to watch the other kids. It was fun to see how excited Jojo was to see me. It wasn't too long ago he would scream when we looked at him. ::grin::  While Bre and Bella were gone, we watched a bit of tv, made masks, and handed out candy to Trick or Treaters. 

Bella has a bacterial infection in her eye and should be doing well once the meds kick in. 

I got home to the welcome discovery Michael had processed a whole case of the apples! He cooked them down, put them through the saucer and got them into jars. When I came home at 7:30 p.m. he was cleaning up. I finished cleaning up and got the jars through the canner. One case down and five to go. We ran out of applesauce in August this year and so we are hoping six cases will take care of that problem in the upcoming year. 

October Snippets

📷by Lindsey

This little man, Jojo, is developing so much personality and is adding words to his vocabulary daily! 

As the sun takes longer to come out in the morning and goes down sooner in the afternoon the inside lights come out. I still haven't put up the fall tree...but the other lights are up and in use. 

Such a beautiful bin of winter squash at food co-op. I did NOT get 100# this year. I opted for 30# from this order and am ordering another #30 of delicata and koboha. 

📷by Laci

We are getting some BIG eggs these days. 

Hello, Boys! I don't take for granted the opportunity to be with our grandblessings. I never had this as a child. 
Danny, Benny 

Gideon built our church in legos - complete with a steeple and a side entrance! 
📷by Bre


Finally trying out the bar pan...I like it. 

Krista sent a photo to Michael while she was traveling. Look! Our first 2022 penny. She earned the reward this year! The rest of us can still exchange a 2022 penny for a silver dollar if we find one before Dec 31st. I believe this one was found in Las Vegas. 

Um...storing the mop bucket on the deck led to some unexpected consequences. Ice Sculpture anyone? 

There you have it - random photos on my camera! Snippets from October that didn't fit anywhere else.