Sunday, December 11, 2022

Winter Garden

 This gardening stuff is HARD. I have been watching Youtube channels which encourage us not to forsake the winter garden. They tell me I can grow boatloads of cold weather crops....funny, their winter gardens sound like what I grow in the summer.  In any event, here are some shots of our winter garden. 

The roof of the hoop house collapsed under the 2 feet of snow from the last onslaught. Michael spent time yesterday shoring it up. 

The snow hasn't covered the beds yet, but it's getting close. I would like to try to grow some garlic next year.  I'm not sure anything else is going to grow under that blanket of snow. 

The greenhouse looks a bit forlorn this time of the year.  

If I want a winter garden, I need to HEAT the greenhouse or plant inside in pots. I may investigate growing some greens and herbs inside...but then again, I like having a break from gardening. 

The snow does make everything seems so quiet and peaceful and beautiful. It's a lovely place to live.